smpX, the new SMP Client!!!

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    Are you tired of getting up in the morning and seeing that your client encountered an error 8 hours ago and stopped folding, and being forced to wait while it sends results to server and wait till it starts again just to be sure…
    This little app helps you get over that errors and continue folding automatically. What it does is, it reads the output of the fah console and searches for the errors. When it discovers error, it shuts down client and starts it up again as many times as it takes until client starts to work normally. Also, when the client is started first time, or if it is started again after receiving new WU, program gives it some time ( time delay for the client start check in settings.ini file ) to start folding. If it doesn't start after that specific time has passed, the client is being restarted. I don't recommend setting this time under 45s. Setting this attribute to low will unable client to start...
    This app can be used on a SMP client or on a single core console client. If you want to run it on a single core console client, you need to alter processKill.ini and processStart.ini files.
    They should look like this:
    FAH504-Console.exe -verbosity 9 –forceasm

    and killProcess.ini:

    That should do the trick. Of course if console client is not called FAH504-Console.exe you should change that to what ever it is called in both files.
    It supports minimizing to tray which can be disabled trough settings.ini located in the ini folder. Also, there are a couple of other options in the settings.ini which can be altered, so you can play a little with it.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Do not run this app if you are running two clients on a single machine because in the case of an error it kills all the folding processes, and it will probably kill the other client too.

    First of all, you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed because this program is java coded. If you don’t have it, please use this link for direct download:
    or this for other options:
    Now you just un-rar files and place them in the folding@home client folder, change settings.ini to soot your needs and please your eye and you are good to go. Now just run smpX_v0.4.5.exe and that’s it…
    Hope it helps...enjoy.
    I forgot one little detail. You have to start this program instead of fah.exe...When you start smpX, it then starts all other necessary processes.

    [Download link]
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    Nice, not going to try since I've got smp off to tee (pretty much) on vista 64 bit but this does look legit (also clean).

    TBH - if you are going to run smp you should really have the folding environment setup just so e.g. not on wireless is a good start.
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    Well, it should be clean because I made this program, and packed it and uploaded it...Why would I sabotage my own team...
    So far I'm running this app on two machines and my friend runs it on another two machines and it works very good so far...It would be nice if couple more people could try it and post some comments on how it works, are there any bugs in the program and so on...

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