SLI Mod and 258+ drivers

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    it's enough to install 0.7 over 08 simply. just run installsli.cmd.

    i try to find out in what the matter is. i doubt that it's because of incompatibility driver and patch. there must be something else. in kernel debug mode, no any issues. that' why i can't believe this is driver problem.
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    just a simple question ... whats this SLI MOD for? Cant you run sli with your systems?
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    A year ago, when I discovered SLI Mod (Hack) and was using F9 bios for EP45 UD3P everything worked.. until I flashed bios to F10 betas. Hack wouldnt work, I saw Intel(R) 4 Series Chipset PCI Express Root Port errors and driver re-installs. I HAD to use F9 bios for SLI Mod.

    Today with F10 Final BIOS, all is working again... there is something different with the newer mobo bioses... If I had lots of time, I would flash to F9 bios and re-test SLI mods, but not so keen coz I have other stability with F10 bios (f9 bios would reflash itself to F10 beta very very often on regular REBOOT)
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    because i want

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    but whats the difference between sli mod and nvidia's "regular" sli support`?
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    SLI Mod is for mobos that don't support SLI natively. Like mostly all intel chipsets before the X58.
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    thats what i wanted 2 know... ty m8
  8. Running two GTX 470s with my current MSI 790FX-GD70 quadfire board, tried 258.96 and 0.8 beta win x64. I usually get blank screen 5 minutes into gameplay, Currently running 0.8 beta win x64 mod with 257.21 stable. I did notice that with 258.96 after the screen would go blank I would restore my display by plugging my dvi into the other 470, and then back into primary again, this would restore display for me, but ofcourse doing that gets annoying so I went to 257.21 instead.
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    I agree 257.21 is as stable as 257.15, running these all day now. But one thing bothered me with 257.21: I get "Quake Wars: Enemy Territory" with Kombustor icon in list of games in nvcpl... I uninstalled MSI Kombustor and that "game" also vanished from list...never owned that game.
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  10. UPDATE; After Stress-testing with ATItool per gpu, 257.37 caused crashing, but games work fine, weird...

    EDIT: I realize that ATI tool isnt as good as FurMark, but it still shouldn't cause a bluescreen, so in some ways 257.37 is definetely unstable, I can't seem to figure out what happened between 257.21, 258.40 and 257.37. Using hacked infs did provide longer stability with no black screens, but resulted in bluescreens an hour into gameplay on average.
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    it sure would be nice to be able to use these drivers with the hacked sli mod...

    everyone having fun with the newer drivers?

    i know im not cause i am stuck at 258.49

    just saying...would sure be nice to be using the newer drivers...
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    Those are Quadro drivers.. you'd need a modified inf to even run them. Let's just focus on 258 for the purposes of this thread, as its probably something thats going to be universal for all 258+ drivers.
  13. You're wrong they ran on my 470s without modified infs, so don't speak unless you know what you're talking about, jeez! Anyway they have the 258 bug aswell, I tested them. Besides if 259 series drivers don't work, I'm starting to point fingers at the SLI mod, it needs revision, either NVIDIA has caught on, or something was overlooked. "Those are Quadro drivers...." smarty pants!
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    Offtopic: I have split my two GTX260s, have one in each PC now. Crossfire HD4850 with newer drivers is worse than single GTX260 or even a single HD4850, so now I have TWO similar rigs I had 2 years ago ! LOL...the two hd4850s are out and should never be put xfired again.

    C'mon nvidia... waiting for 260.00 driver that fixes our dilemma, nice driver name and all ;)

  15. Celeras

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    They're Quadro drivers, you're mistaken. Just because you're running them without a modified inf doesn't change this fact.
  16. You sir are getting on my nerves. They aren't just quadro drivers you're mistaken, there is support for all the damn FERMI gpus in the release notes!!! anyway that's specifically for open gl 4.1 which is merely a feature of the release. The entire release does support NVIDIA's modern gpus (not all are 4.1 ready though): (where the Hell in this article does it specify that they are only for quadros, since this is the source of my previous link I posted) Also there is a darn forum on the release, and there's even a guy installing them with his 9800 (oh yea the Geforce 9800 GT is a "Quadro"*sarcasm*:
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  17. I'm not surprised that you seem egotistical, with your past record and all. What are you going to do?! argue me to death... :3eyes:
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    Been in contact with the xDev team few hours ago, they're probably working hard, but no progress they said.

    Today I'm 99.999^999% sure nvidia wants us to give them ~25 bucks for a new mobo buy (price differance between SLI and non SLI P55 mobos)...

    There are now SO many P45 chipset owners with GTX295 reporting exactly same issues with 258 drivers, it's childlish pretending something else.. look at page 2 at official nvidia forum:

    NOTE: The GTX295 owners with non SLI mobos OFCOURSE aren't running SLI Mod , could it also be true that those mobos affected only are 2x PCI-e ? Not single GPU slot mobos....
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