Skyrim Special Edition

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    I have not use in all these year not sure i saw any info for that make it worth it to me, but I will look at info about it some more.
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    # Engine Fixes for Skyrim Special Edition
    VerboseLogging = false                  # Add extra log messages
    CleanSKSECosaves = false                # Delete SKSE cosaves that have no matching save
    DisableChargenPrecache = false          # "Precache Killer", same patch that is already in RaceMenu
    EnableAchievementsWithMods = true       # Enables achievements with mods active
    FormCaching = true                      # Attempts to speed up the global form table by caching recently used forms (SSE Fixes)
    MaxStdio = 2048                         # Sets the maximum number of open file handles (default 512), preventing the game from running out with large plugin counts (fixes false save corruption)
    MemoryManager = true                    # Replaces Skyrim's global allocator
    RegularQuicksaves = false               # Makes quick saves into regular saves
    SafeExit = true                         # Prevent the game from hanging while shutting down
    SaveAddedSoundCategories = true         # Save sound categories added by mods
    ScaleformAllocator = true               # Replaces the scaleform allocator
    ScrollingDoesntSwitchPOV = false        # Disables swapping between 1st/3rd person when using scroll to zoom, making it require manual swapping
    SleepWaitTime = false                   # Modifies how long it takes an hour to pass when sleeping/waiting.
    SleepWaitTimeModifier = 0.3             # 1.0 = default, smaller = faster, larger = slower
    TreeLODReferenceCaching = true          # Speeds up the slow Tree LOD function. Requires FormCaching to be active. (SSE Fixes)
    WaterflowAnimation = true               # Decouple water flow animation speed from in-game timescale and use our setting instead
    WaterflowSpeed = 20.0                   # 20.0 = default, smaller = slower, larger = faster
    ArcheryDownwardAiming = true            # Fix a bug where arrows don't fire properly if you're aiming downward while crouching on a ridge
    AnimationLoadSignedCrash = true         # Fix a misplaced use of a signed value. Should allow to load more animations before CTD
    BethesdaNetCrash = true                 # Fix the game crashing on startup if you live in a city or country with special characters in the name
    BSLightingAmbientSpecular = true        # Fix bug where lighting template Directional Ambient Specular & Fresnel Power are sent to BSLighting shader incorrectly
    BSLightingShaderForceAlphaTest = true   # Forces alpha test flag on when NiAlphaProperty/AlphaTest true. Fixes object LOD reflections.
    BSLightingShaderParallaxBug = true      # Fixes a bug causing the parallax technique to break if specular is not also set
    BSTempEffectNiRTTI = true               # Fixes a bug where the NiRTTI for this object is not set properly
    CalendarSkipping = true                 # Fix a bug where the game calendar effectively skips a year if you fast travel too far between 20:00 and 23:99 in-game
    CellInit = true                         # Fixes a rare crash where a form does not get converted from an id to a pointer
    ClimateLoad = true                      # Fix a bug where the game fails to properly apply sunrise and sunset data from Climate records if you load a saved game in an interior
    ConjurationEnchantAbsorbs = true        # Fix bug where spell absorption triggers on enchanted items using conjuration summons
    CreateArmorNodeNullptrCrash = true      # Fix typo that may cause a crash somewhere in CreateArmorNode
    DoublePerkApply = true                  # Fix NPC perks applying twice when you load a game
    EquipShoutEventSpam = true              # Fix a bug where the "equip shout" procedure will send a "shout equipped" event even if the shout fails to equip
    FaceGenMorphDataHeadNullptrCrash = true # Fix crash in Face morphing, possibly related to decapacitations
    GetKeywordItemCount = true              # Fix the condition function "GetKeywordItemCount", which returns broken results in numerous cases
    GHeapLeakDetectionCrash = true          # Fix a crash where scaleform attempts to report a memory leak but the code doesnt exist in Skyrim's build
    GlobalTime = true                       # Fixes game systems that are affected by game time instead of real time
    InitializeHitDataNullptrCrash = true    # Fixes a crash on melee hit that unequipped the weapon at the same time
    LipSync = true                          # Fix a bug causing lip sync to desync. Same as LE bug fix.
    MemoryAccessErrors = true               # Fix a handful of out-of-bounds or use-after-free bugs. Required for experimental memory patches.
    MusicOverlap = true                     # Fix a bug where multiple music track is playing at the same time
    MO5STypo = true                         # Fix a typo preventing the game from loading MO5S (1st person female alternate texture set) entries in ARMA forms
    NullProcessCrash = true                 # Fix a couple cases where the game can crash when checking the equipped weapons of an actor without an AI process
    PerkFragmentIsRunning = true            # Fix crash if the IsRunning function of a Perk Fragment is called on a non-Actor form
    RemovedSpellBook = true                 # Fix a crash where learning a spell from a book that is later removed in another plugin causes a crash in inventory
    SaveScreenshots = true                  # Fix black save screenshots when TAA is disabled
    ShadowSceneNodeNullptrCrash = true      # Fix crash in ShadowSceneNode
    SlowTimeCameraMovement = true           # Fix camera movement sensitivity during slow time
    TorchLandscape = true                   # Fix a bug where torches sometimes don't light the landscape
    TreeReflections = true                  # Fix tree LOD reflection alpha. ENB contains this fix, but there is no conflict.
    VerticalLookSensitivity = true          # Make vertical look sensitivity not tied to framerate
    WeaponBlockScaling = true               # Fix weapon blocking so it correctly scales off of the blocking actor's weapon
    DupeAddonNodes = false                  # Warns if there are two or more addon nodes (ADDN) with the same node index in your load order
    RefHandleLimit = true                   # Warns when you are close to the reference handle limit at main menu and after loading a save
    RefrMainMenuLimit = 800000              # Handle count to warn at on main menu
    RefrLoadedGameLimit = 1000000           # Handle count to warn at after loading a save game
    SaveGameMaxSize = false                 # Expands the maximum uncompressed size of a save game from 64 MB to 128 MB# can fix "crash on save" issue in long-runnning saves
    TreatAllModsAsMasters = false           # Loads all mods as if they are masters.
    Heres a list of the fixes and the default state

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