Should I uninstall PC Doctor 5?

Discussion in 'General Software and Applications' started by moonwolf22, Jun 3, 2007.

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    My Anti-virus software detected some PC Doctor files that were infected by the W32/Susema-based!Maximus virus. Said I should delete the files, so I did. Now of course I can't open PC Doctor because it says it can't find certain files. My question is do I really need this on my PC? I've never really used it and it came with my PC. If I uninstall it, will it affect anything else on my computer, or am I just better off without it? And if I remove it, is there a site which will allow me to reinstall it?
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    I don't think you'll miss it, just hope your uninstall still works with those missing files. It's just a diagnostic program. If you really want one you can go for SiSoft Sandra, or Everest. They both have free versions. And unless you're an overclocker or real Tweaker, you'll never really use it.

    Could you fill out your system specs? I'm always curious to see those.

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