Setting up Overclock capabilities with TNT2 Ultra on RivaTuner

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  1. When I try to set the Overclock capabilities in RivaTuner from the Main/System/"System Tweaks" menu, it has the option of rebooting the computer or detecting the default speed as is. I know the card is set at default clock speed; when I press the "Detect Now" button, the menu dissappears and I'm back at the Main/System/ menu screen with no change: Core clock and memory clock bars are blank, and the Enable overclocking button is unselected. I have a Creative TNT 2 Ultra with the latest Creative drivers. What can I do? I do have the Creative Display Director installed which will allow me to overclock the card, but only up to 166 mHz core speed and 200 mHz memory speed. I would like to go higher on the core speed if possible. Thanks<p>[This message has been edited by Systemshocked (edited December 31, 2000).]
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    RivaTuner will not work with Creative drivers. You need reference Detonator drivers.

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