Set up different resolutions between users.

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    I've got a Ati X850XT-Pe and i've been using Dual Monitors for about 6 months on it so im pretty spoiled using both. I got a really nice Hitachi LCD HD projector for about 300 bucks (with about 30 hours on the bulb) Using the ATI control panel I can get it to output to 720p through the componet and it looks great. However when I do that I have to disable my 2nd monitor and then change the resolution on the first, so it rearranged my icons and kinda a pain to switch resolutions when I want to watch a HD rip or a DVD with the projector. Is there any way set diffrent resolutions for diffrent users, like have my primary account for dual monitors and then a diffrent account for the projector? Or any way to quickly change between the two monitors and the projector? -Thanks in advanced.

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