Sending a hard drive in for replacement, packaging?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DeadlyDevil666, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I have to return a hard drive to Seagate after only a year because it crashed (I ran all sorts of tool kits on it, its dead :wanker:)

    They want me to package it very oddly, in materials I do not possess like some big foam wrap thing...

    Do you think it would be acceptable to just package it wrapped in bubble tape inside of an anti-staic bag?

  2. Labyrinth

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    A few layers of bubble wrap should be acceptable, but if they got it damaged then they will send it straight back
  3. deltatux

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    I'd be more concern about blanking out the drive than the packaging. Try to see if you can nuke the drive with some drive nuking utilities to write zeros in 'em if you can. As long as the drive is detectable it should work.

    I'd put some packing bubbles around the drive and use a box that's about the size of the hard drive and just ship it to them.

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    I had a go-round with Seagate over a RMA.

    They insisted that unless I use their 'approved packaging' that the drive would not be accepted and it would be returned. They said that even the original retail box was not acceptable, it needed two inches of foam surrounding the drive.

    Here is an example of what Seagate said was acceptable. $15 plus $9 something for shipping just to get the 'Approved Packaging'. And then $10-$15 more to ship it to Seagate, when I only paid $58 for the drive brand new?

    After many contentious emails, they finally relented, but by that time I had decided it was not worth it to argue anymore, and I never did send it in.

    I also will not buy Seagate again, not because the drive failed, but because of their Customer Service.

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