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    First post on here, loving it so far. I have learnt so much about new/up and coming hardware on this forum already so I thought I would ask for a suggestion.

    Simple really, I am looking for a second gaming screen for my brother. Every week he will come to mine or I go over to his and we play a mix of games together. Last week there were some other friends over and we played Super Smash on my N64 emulator. We were going to play Golden Eye but found it to be difficult as I have two screens and we were able to have one person on each but then two people were sharing his screen. We also play co-op games together sometimes which is where the extra screen would really come in handy.

    His birthday was last month and we didn't really do much as he wasn't feeling up to it, so I thought that maybe if I got him a nice monitor to use for our sessions might cheer him up a bit. Currently he games on a ROG G75V laptop which has the 17 inch matte screen so ideally I would want to get him another matte screen to go with that. I looked online and saw the latest ROG screens and they are definitely out of my budget right now. Any suggestions for a good, matte gaming screen that can be had for under $500? Thanks in advance everyone!

    We got really luck on this one. Wanting to stick with Asus as my friend is rather sheepish when it comes to computers, we found someone selling an almost new 1080p Asus VE247 gaming monitor on and after going to look at it, wow. This thing has no dead pixels or anything like that, other than the small scratches on the base it looks brand new. Now I can beat him and there will be no excuse :D
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