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Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by wongwinwongwing, Apr 11, 2011.

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    I just come back from our anniversary trip with my wife. However, I discover that I lost my small bag, which contained a SD card and a usb external flash drive of the recorded video. I think I've left the bag in the bus.

    In the trip, I directly "CUT and PASTE" our video files from the SD Card to the USB exteral flash drive without saving the files into my portable computer (because of not enough space over internal harddisc).

    Now, I have the following question.

    1. Was it possible that during the process of "Cut and Paste" from SD card to USB exteranl flash drive, there were some video files left behind in my portable computer, so I can recover them now?

    2. By means of the USB exteral flash drive, we watched the video through Quicktime in the trip. Was it possible that Quicktime has cached the video files somewher in the computer so I can recover them now?

    Grateful for your help.
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    If QuickTime was set to keep a library, you'll find it by opening QuickTime, then click File,
    then click Open Recent. If it is not listed, it was erased. You may be able to get it back by running Recuva ->

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