Seagate to release three new 10TB HDDs

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 20, 2016.

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    In the past I've seen 70~80% failure rate on our old storage servers using 1TB seagate disks over 2~5 years.
    There was a point where I was just sending them back in batches of 5~10 disks because they were failing so fast. Recertified disks they sent back regularly failed again within their 1 year warranty.
    This was across about 12 3u first gen i7/xeon servers with 16 disks in each, two raid 6 array per server. I've had these disks fail during the raid6 rebuild a few times as well.

    We've since moved to newer (2013+) solutions running raidz2 with 3TB & 600gb 15k disks and they are much more reliable. Failure is more like 1 in 50 over the past 3 years. The latest Seagate products seem to have hugely improved reliability.

    Be noted these results are a bit skewed, as the storage arrays were constantly being accessed 24/7, so failure rate will always be above normal use.
    I've never seen a Seagate laptop disk fail at this company, and only one desktop failure. Most dell machines we get in come with them. probably ~100 machines over the past 5 years I've dealt with.

    So if you look at it like this, the newer Seagate products especially server tier should only be getting better.

    These 10TB disks are mainly used where storage density vs cost is important. I think spinning disk solution will still be around for a while, like how tape drive backups have lingered and still advance in the enterprise market.
    I personally do like mechanical hard drives. SSD is the way to go as long as it fits your budget.
    I plan to move to full solid state nvme solution on my next rig.
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