Screen Performs a 'Blackout' When Playing Videogames

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    So, for the past many months now I've infrequently encountered issues with the display blacking out; which is to say that the screen cuts to black, I hear an error message from Windows, and the computer continues to receive input (with no screen output) evinced by sound tones from keystrokes. The only solution is to then restart the computer.

    The causes of the blackouts are arbitrarily specific, and are repeatable. I can perform a very specific action in a specific videogame to cause the blackout, which makes the issue avoidable (which explains why I've waited so long to seek support). For example, there is a map in an FPS game that takes place in a shopping mall. If I travel to a specific store in the shopping mall, walk to close to a specific spot--all the while looking at it, I get the blackout. This problem has only existed across two games; Destiny 2, and Escape from Tarkov.

    Now, with the problem explained, I have taken steps to troubleshoot it.

    To rule the possibility of GPU failure, I performed multiple stress tests--benchmarks--without failure; the results indicated the GPU was functioning optimally. I then reinstalled my display drivers multiple times using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to ensure no trace of the driver remained; there was no change from this. I decided to examine Window's Event Viewer, and every instance of a blackout suggested "dwm.exe" was at fault.

    I'm not sure what could cause dwm.exe to fail, or what could be done to resolve the failures.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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