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    So I'm not too sure how to make x/2 work; I got the normal one to work pretty well at -500 for 1080p 120hz, but when I try x/2 it doesn't work, at least, I think it doesn't?

    The way I measure to see if this works is I go into Setup and enable frame color indicator at 2 bars. I then watch the 2 bars and if they both flicker, it doesn't work, but if they're the same shade for a good period of time (1 minute) without flickering, then it's a success; is this the right way to measure it?
    When I put scanline sync to -500 at normal refresh (120hz), the 2 bars are the same shade and don't change, but when I put scanline sync to x/2 at -500 then they start flickering. However this flicker persists no matter what values I put into scanline sync x/2, whether that's -1000 or 1 or -50.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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