Scanline sync tear line moving slowly up the screen

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    When using scanline sync with the framerate set to my monitor refresh rate, the tear line slowly moves up my screen instead of staying still like it's supposed to.

    Monitor is limited to 100Hz in the gpu control panel, and i have RTSS set to a 100 framerate limit, with scanline sync set to -50.
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    Hey there!

    I used to have the same problem. On my system it mostly happened in many games based on UE3. The solution for me (Borderlands 2) was adding the line "SyncFlush" under [Framerate] in the *.cfg with a setting of 0. Looks something like this (I removed all the other lines):


    You could also try out a setting of 1 or 2. For an explanation of the setting, read the various threads about RTSS here at Guru3D or over at BlurBusters. Good luck!

    EDIT: Also, no additional fps cap or framerate limit is required for the scanline sync function to work. They might even mess up the precision when capped too close to the scanline synced limit.
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