SBLive lowering FPS way to much

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    Well, I am off a clean install of windows... Before I put my sound card in, I could play Quake III at 200+ FPS but when trying to play Counter-Strike in D3D, it would crash my computer completely, and even BenchMark2k1... So I installed my SBLive 5.1 XGamer, only to find that Quake III's FPS would lower to 35 at some points and never reach over 150.... However, D3D now works, but it's hella slow... My benchmark2k1 score was abotu 600... Yes 600 Not 6,000... I never got over 20 FPS in D3D Hardware or Software T&L modes.. In games while using D3D, my movements / actions are all 1/2 a second delayed.. (Example: I move left, 1/2 second later on my screen I move left) it's smooth not choopy but it is all delayed! Should my Vid card or Sound Card have a DMA channel? Becase they don't.. And if so, how do I set them up with one?
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    probably should, but depending on the shite you got in your system...<br>
    also, check your bios agp aperture is set to 64Mb or less. Ignore your mobo manual, they dont know what they're talking about when it comes to gefarce2's.<br>
    if you can, try and see what your 'agp memory' is in windows. if it's ZERO, there's your low 3dmark score. the above bios setting will sort it. Then you should have same as system mem. With the Asus gefart2 driver, agp mem is under 'information' tab.<br>
    as for dma or irq - set your sb16 emulation to share with com 2 or 3 or whatever it is, and dont use that serial port. That'll free up an irq, but it should make much diff.<br>
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    Welcome back Kooz<br>
    jboku, 2 things i don't see are quite possibly the root of your issues.<br>
    1 your ram, you running win 2k? or do you have the mem settings tweaked in 98/ME to handle that much?<br>
    2. You got a via chipset?? if so, make damn sure you got the latest via 4 in 1's. available here in our download section.<br>

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