Sblive Game port Issues

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  1. Buzza

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    <IMG SRC="smileys/confused.gif"> Sblive Value Game port Does not detect my microsoft sidewinder or My Gravis 2 Axsis 4 button game pad,It however does detect my Thrustmaster Pro Wheel & functions on combined Axsis but when Trying to calibrate on sepperate Axsis the wheel go's Full scale to the right when Throttle pressed???!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH@@#$@##@!.<br>
    SYS:AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz(unclocked),A7v133Mobo,512Mb PC133 Sdram,Asus Geforce3,Sblive Value,Win98se,DX8.0A,AW1005A bios,ata100/1006b33,4in1432,V12.90 Vga Drv,Latest Sblive drv.Tried creative tech doc 433,Removal & reinstallation of Gameport & sound card drv,controller drv,No resource conflicts Sblive on Irq5 on its lonesome.No splitterers or switch boxexs.
  2. Ant

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    2 x Inno3D 9600GT 512MB
    Dude same prob with my one. Some worked some didn't. SBLive tech told me the usual stuff.<br>
    Went for everything USB since then.<br>
    Now after random OS install it works.... but all devices point down and left. Not tooo much but enough for them to be useless.<br>
    BTW recalibrating them doesn't work. In case you thought i was dumb !
  3. sixersphan

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    Im having a simular problem with my SB Live game port, my Sidewinder force feedback wheel and my MS free style pro game pad.<br>
    After re-installing the software that came with the wheel Windows recognized the wheel but the force feedback doesn't work. My free stye pro doesn't work either. <IMG SRC="smileys/confused.gif">
  4. bowman

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    Hi guys<br>
    I also have the same problem, I have a sidewinder 3d pro (which I love) and a new 1.4G Athlon. from what I have read on the net else ware the problem lies in the bus speed not the sound card. It appears that allot of people are finding problems with sidewinders and any system with a bus speed of over 100Mhz. If any one knows why this is or has a fix I would LOVE to know as I really do not want to trade my stick for any thing else.<br>


    SHAGGA Ancient Guru

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    Asus GTX 670CUii
    My MS gamepad works okay and i'm running at 133MHz FSB, but it's AGP<br>
    I'm i missing something here?<br>
    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR> <br>
    300Watt ESTAR case housing :<br>
    Asus A7V 133<br>
    AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz (not o/c)<br>
    Hercules GEFORCE GTS2 64MB DDR (not o/c)<br>
    Hercules Game Theatre XP (no point o/c)<br>
    256 MB Hyundi PC133 (CAS3) RAM<br>
    40GB Seagate Barricuda 7200rmp<br>
    Mirai 16x Burner<br>
    Sidewinder AGP Gamepad (the silver one with the crap DPAD)<br>
    Windows 98 SE2<br>
    DX 8a<br>

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