Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Disassembled

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 22, 2016.

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    that position nullify a shorter cooling system since the fan would have been over the GPU.. 300 W GPUs just need a little more care on the power section cooling and they are usually longer so there is more freedom on the cooling system choice.
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    I dont remember seeing anyone saying the GTX 670 cooler was cheap and it looked like a $50 gpu, or the GTX 760 or PNYs GTX 970.

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    indeed. i 100% agree on your implication! let's elaborate a bit.

    because we all know why people say those things about 480.
    they try to find the negatives in every detail even if they objectively aren't even negative things. like for example the looks of the card.

    its just bashing. and the reasons for this is they have to make themselves feel better having paid between 600-800 bucks (presuming they bought new cards off of standard retail channels during first year after release) for a card that is of course not dethroned by a 400-450 bucks CFX solution but it's certainly getting attacked by it in terms of value.
    people don't like admitting they made a buy which isn't worth its money.
    so they make the other cards look as bad as possible by pointing out that it has an ugly cooler and whatnot.
    that way they just try to generate as much confirmation for their decision as possible. everyone who tries to explain this behaviour (like me at this very moment) will be ridiculed.

    and it didn't happen with 670/760 and PNY 970 because
    in general the real amd "fans" in this forum don't use bashing of nvidia cards without real reason.
    you can ask everyone who describes himself as a red team person if they agree that 980Ti (now 1080 of course) is the fastest card ever built so far.
    everyone will say yes of course it is by far the fastest card.
    but every amd fan will also say: "sorry the price tag of a 980Ti (now 1080) is relatively high for its performance" (speaking of the main sales period)

    and that was just until the prices dropped last week down to ~500€ for new 980Ti s
    we had a price tag of 750€ shortly after release 700€ in early 2016 and 650€ until mid of may. (source european section)
    us prices were a little lower of course but also didnt drop down as fast aswell (makes sense). -> between 650$ - 700$ until beginning of may (source pcpartpicker gpu price history average)

    so while 95% of amd or mixed GPU users will gladly propagate the fact that GTX 1080 is the fastest single card at the moment (as well as the fact that nvidia always has provided the fastest single GPU in the last 4-5 years) you won't see even 50% of the nvidia users say: "yes it's true amd has always had the best FPS/$ solution so far" (speaking of main sale period calculations) or something like "yes nvidia's price politics are beneath contempt!"... instead they blame AMD AGAIN and say ..."ha it's all AMDs fault they just have to offer a card as fast as the 1080 with a lower price".

    so that is something to think about.

    a customer who pays up to 800 or more than 1000$ (titan) is not mad at the company he gave away his money to after realizing that his card performs worse than way lower priced solutions (also of the same brand ofc!). no he defends the company he overpaid and blame the competitor for this situation. whilst for a start they could just decide to NOT buy a extremely high priced card that is most probably outdated in the blink of an eye...

    certain people here have to agree that this is their way of talking in these forums. (not all, i have recently seen someone here on this forums being pretty pis*ed about being ripped off with titan, money wise, in retrospect of course...)
    the reason is missing confidence. they dont have the guts to stand up and say ... "no thanks nvidia i wont buy an overpriced card again. this time i will make a value buy. even if it means not having the card that is on 1st place in the charts."
    they rather stick with their decision because it would make them look bad to change their opinion. it's a false pride that damages the image of this forum and also the fair contest of the both main companies we are mostly talking about.
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    We're talking about the world of $200+ GPUs in the year of 2016 where added flair clearly matters for selling these things. Or would you rather buy that 2011 looking card when you can surely get a nicer looking 480 variant?

    Do you have a fading, cream colored PC case with mis-matched cd drives? No? Could be, with all else being equal, those silly aesthetics do actually matter to many end users, even you. :)

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    if i get one of these (which i very well may) im stripping it down & putting a waterblock on it anyway. who cares if the blower shroud looks tacky? as an aside: it doesnt even look bad. its just a plastic shroud. yeah, the heatsink looks cheap, but that part isnt even exposed! it looks like any other card tbh. my old GTX 570 shroud was uglier...

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