Sapphire HD 4890 Temps and Noise

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    XFX HD4890 Black Edition
    Got it working! Not properly mounted indeed *fail* *shame*
    I had to bend the four 'feet' of the gpu-mounting plate more back. That way the heatsink actually made contact with the gpu-base which it wasn't doing before.

    I used the same method: Original red plate on the card, little Arctic supplied heatsinks on the area with the hole next to the VRM's.

    Arctic cooler fan set the 100% all the time (connected to the card):
    Clocks: 850mhz gpu, 950mhz mem.
    (My card was stock 1000gpu 1000mem, on those settings the benchmarks crashed)

    gpu: 48C
    VRMs: 53C 54C 54C
    Mem: didn't measure

    Load (3dmark vantage, second test)
    gpu: > 105C
    VRMs: 70C 75C 74C
    Mem: didn't measure

    So my VRMs are holding very nicely but my gpu reaches too high temp's for my liking. I aborted the test once it gets to 107C.

    Isn't still not touching the gpu base enough or is this just Twin Turbo failing?
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    That's far too high jorismak.....

    What kind of case have you got?

    My card stays under 70 deg C but that's because I have 2 250mm fans right
    next to it. This is due to my case being an Xclio Windtunnel Extreme V2.
    Mind you I do have the fans on high at the moment due to it being bloody
    warm at the mo'

    The problem looks like it might be due to the Arctic cooler fan not venting the
    hot air out of the case like the stock one does.

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    XFX HD4890 Black Edition
    redone my case (mugen2 + new case fans + neater cabling).

    It's an chieftec bigtower, I think it's an older version of

    It's got an 120mm case fan (Scythe S-Flex 2000rpm) (underneath the Coolermaster 700w PSU) the Mugen2 almost right next to it with it's own 120mm Scythe clipped to it.

    Underneath the CPU is the vidcard with the Twin Turbo, set to 100% in the software all the time. (stays around 2150rpm then).

    Underneath I got almost _nothing_, so I got a free PCIx1 slot, another free PCI x16 slot, A free PCI slot, and then a little X-Fi Gamer card in the last PCI. No cables in between, all neatly tugged away somewhere else.

    Almost directly right of the vidcard is another 120mm case fan (Another Scythe S-Flex 2000) blowing air out of the case. It's mounted against the side of my 3,5" drive bay. Behind the drive bay is a 90mm fan mounted blowing air outside.

    I remounted the Twin Turbo, getting the gpu even tighter to the heatsink, and leaving the card just laying on my desk for 3 hours before plugging it into the case. Immediately I see that my idle gpu temps are now 41C / 42C. VRM's are 48C/49C (not touching 50C).

    First did the same bench again, again at 'slow' 800gpu / 900mem speeds. My gpu touched 70C one time, but was mostly around 68c/69C. VRM's touched 80C once, but mostly just underneath it.

    Happily I cranked the speeds to 950gpu/950mem. Core temps seemed to reach 74C/75C and stabilize there. But after two minutes suddenly the speeds ramps up to 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 _quickly_. And sudden. Then I stop the test again and don't let it touch 100C.

    Frustrating!! I thought I had it :(

    edit: Sorry for the large messages and all... I'm just glad to get some help! :).
    I noticed that during furmark when it starts to report 80C and higher gpu temps, the air that comes out of the Twin Turbo's fans is very very cool... no noticeable difference from idle if I feel on touch.
    But the top side of the PCB is _VERY_ hot, the _entire_ PCB. Someone can give me pointers on what that means?
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