Samsung htz530 Can't enable pro logic

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    I've got the htz-530 5.1 htib system. It is connected to my tv via hdmi and optical audio. My 360 is connected to my tv also. When listening to movies and certain games with the samsung unit set to "D. In (Digital in)" I can hear all 5 speakers work fine. My wife likes to watch certain TV shows, ie Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Dancing with the stars. I watch these in HD OVA broadcast on my VU37L Vizio 37" hdtv. Sound only coming out of front 2 speakers and sub. I tried hitting the Pro logic buttons on the samsung remote and no indicator shows up on the samsung display. I tried changing to dvd mode (stop mode) and enable the pro logic, but nothing shows up. I'm confused and angry :-/

    I tried changing the tv to digital out (pcm mode) and i have gotten sound out of the center channel, but the rear 2 are only playing really odd sounds (footsteps and such). Not sure what i need to do. Thanks!!:bang:

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