Samsung C27H711 monitor

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Kudykam, Jan 21, 2019.

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    anyone have this monitor? I am a new owner and want to share my experience.
    There is only one review of this 27" SVA monitor I found here:
    It can give you good overview.

    • great colors
    • good black
    • backlight uniformity is not that good, but it can be seen only when screen is in totally black
    • With brightness under 40% there is SRI-modulation at a frequency of about 240-250 Hz (even though I am not able to see any flickering with my eyes, it can be spotted via mobile phone camera)
    • support Freesync (by factory 48-75 Hz)
    Now what surprised me the most was overclocking capability. As you can see above default clock is 60Hz and can be set up to 75 Hz with Freesync.
    If you use CRU, it can be overclocked up to 110 Hz!!! Thats quite amazing and I could not believe my eyes, with monitor for $280.

    Now when new drivers from nVidia came out, you can make Freesync works on nVidia cards.
    Tested on Pendulum demo and it works in range 20-110 Hz (set in CRU). Thats very nice number in my opinion.

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    Hi. I read that you have that monitor. I've searched the Internet for comments about him and you're the only one who says he has one. I bought it and it arrives on Thursday, but I wanted to ask you something. I read that you overcloked up to 110hz. To get to that frequency do you do it using hdmi or displayport? Have you been able to check if freesync works on nvidia cards? What general opinion do you have of the monitor? Do you have any problems such as ghosting, blurring, light leakage, etc? Excuse my English, I'm from Spain and I'm using google translator. xD

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