Ryzen 3800x experience and help needed

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by Bibanu, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Hi, i installed the card. Regarding the power cable it was like this at first:


    The PSU is a Seasonic G750W Gold. It is not full modular.
    I emailed Sapphire and they said that two separate cable are better, so now it is like this:
    I suppose it is better this way as it was nagging me. I know that the PC is messy and dusty with all those cables as i did a poor job replacing the motherboard and the cpu but as soon as i get a m2 ssd i will clean this thing up. A nice 2 TB one will do and i will get rid of a lot of cables and hdd cages.
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    Nvidia GTX 1080/8GB
    im using an zotac gtx1080 with dual 8x pins and im using just 1 cable for 1 year plus now and nothing bad happened my psu its seasonic evo620 full modular
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    MSIrtx3070 gaming X
    I had a 960 back in the days of 1366 but going from a ten year old cpu to a current cpu....most cpu`s from intel or amd would blitz the 960,my i7 7700k would too but there is not a big enough boost for me to go from my 7700k to a 3800x until prices drop a bit given that I`d want the 570 board for my Corsair MP600 2tb, as far as the cabling....i read an artical years ago recommending separate cables but i think it depends on the rail setup in your psu
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    MSI 6800XT Gam. X
    Nice, that's the Sapphire Pulse isn't it?

    Enjoy your new system, you'll see a big difference in performance I trust.

    (And the CPU gives headroom for future GPU upgrades if needed.)

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