Russian GamesCom/E3: IgroMir 2019 / ИгроМир 2019

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    Its like going back to the Good Old Days of E3 during 90s and 00s, before politics took over.

    Trigger Warning: If you think that removing Booth Babes from E3 was the right choice, please skip this post, it will make you angry.

    Mr.Kojima and Mads Mikkelsen were there [enable English subtitles auto translate]

    Fast forward 5 minutes if you want to skip talking, or enable English translation, if you want to see from the beginning check out the comparison of Russian gaming room past and present, its real LOL, the rug on the wall was real [still real for some people].

    Oh Bloody, Think about the Children LOL
    [Bloody makes keyboards and mice, they were first to make Optical keyboard]

    I wish 13 years old me was there.

    Cosplay on IgroMir 2019
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