Running 3d 1080p@60hz per eye on passive monitor via DVI-D

Discussion in '3D Stereo and VR Gaming Section' started by srpanj13, Apr 14, 2012.

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    R9 290@1150/1600 AccEx IV
    In my case i'm using gtx 580 hooked to lg d2342p couldn't get it to start nvidia stereo 3d .. so i downloaded modified EDID of zalman product and got it working at 60hz per eye via DVI-D, monitor is now recognized like zalman monitor and i can enable 3d effects and view 3d with no gosting all i had to do was tilt it about 5-10 degrees back and no ghosting crip full hd witcher 2 crysis 2 battlefield 3..although dirt 3 is crashing in 3d..using latest beta if any1 is using nvidia and lg 120 hz passive monitor there is a way to run it full hd 1080p @ 60hz per eye just follow this , if you want to know how to modify your EDID > control panel > sistem > device manager > uninstall monitor (it must state generic) > download modified EDID > click on update driver software > browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list > have disk > point on modified EDID > reboot > voila > stereo 3d works from nvidia control panel just set it to about 79% and tilt monitor about 5-10 degrees back .. any info send me a PM

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