Rumor: Intel will deliver Alder Lake-S processors and the Z690 chipset November 19th

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 6, 2021.

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    How useful those little cores can be actually and for what? It surely wont be fast as 16 big cores and it will be interesting to see hows gaming on such a hybrid design.

    If it has some performance regression compared to 11900k intel is in serious trouble.
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    gaming shouldn't be worse than on a 5950x because DX11 or less games run like crap on more than 4 cores half of them hate hyperthreading and some only use 1 thread ><
    only dx12 games, often used in benchmarks which is very misleading for customers, can handle more and it doesn't mean they really use them, more like that they can handle the constant thread jumping that will inevitably happen

    I can only recommend the same I always do if you want your PC games to run at their best
    1) download and install msi afterbuner with rivatuner
    2) takes the few hours to learn and setup your own then watch live in your game how many and which threads are actually used
    3) use cpu affinity to enable only the few threads the game really use = 100% smoother gaming experience and even a few fps back, as games absolutely hate being lost on too many threads, I personnally bought and am using process lasso to do that

    it's nothing new nor a discovery, I learned to do that with battlefield 4 9 years ago, it was yet another performance trick alongside the "core unparking" that we had to do in older windows to prevent the os from stopping unused cores all the time, when a game jumped on one it had to wake up creating a big fps drop and stuttering, thread jumping on current cpus is basically the same result
    what is new is that rather than blindly try to limit the amount of threads we now have tools like MSI+riva and amd ryzen master or CTR tuner who even tell us exactly which cpu cores are the best (something I don't think Intel has) this allows you to do advanced thread tweaking for example I set my non-dx12 games at the best cores and limit "background" apps like OBS to slower cores
    cpu gpu power require additional configuration and external apps, mine come from aida64 and total/psu from iCue and my HX1200i
    this config obviously not meant to be on-screen all the time I use it mostly to check thread usage and see the impact of fps on power (see new world evga fiasco to understand why, at 300fps your gpu will be at 100% or above power nonstop even on a 2d menu, insane heat generation on 300+watts gpus)

    edit : a lot of gaming performance could be gotten back on 3000 threadrippers by limiting thread usage..but...not all of it..I still had major fps drops and stuttering versus a 9900k, which almost completely disappeared with the 5950x I guess from the design changes between 3000-5000 ryzens, can't wait to see if 5000 TR will run games as good
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    Isn't this generation about power tweaking more than extra 3% fps again?

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    Seems like Intel would formally announce a ship date and remove the rumor mill from the equation--guess the company still isn't prepared to announce a ship date as most of the ones they've announced in the last couple of years for other CPUs have not panned out. I can understand a reluctance to announce a firm ship date if you don't have all your ducks in a row, etc. "By year's end" is as firm as Intel has been so far.
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    Buy it, overclock it, tweak it (memory), sell it. That's what cpu's are all about for me.

    Can't wait to overclock it to #¤"T% and back :p

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