RTX2080 Super RPMs out of control and Afterburner not helping

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    Hello! I'm glad to have found this forum and hope that I can get some help.

    I have a Dell Alienware Aurora R11 with an RTX2080 Super card. The PC is used solely for MSFS and has worked fine for almost two years. What happens now is that during gameplay, the RPMs on the second fan spin up to 5500 about every 10 seconds. Very loud and very annoying.

    I opened a ticket with Nvidia support and they confirmed that it was what I described but blamed it on Dell. And Dell won't talk to me without a warranty.

    I discovered NSI Afterburner and when I change the fan curve, it does in fact seem to limit the percentage to whatever I set it at, but I can watch (and hear) the fan continue to rev up to 5000+ RPM without any increase in the fan % according to the readout from Afterburner.

    MSFS is spread across three 27" monitors with a resolution set in the game of 7680x1440. If I decrease that resolution to 4080x768, the problem goes away but the graphics then suck.

    I believe the native resolution of my monitors is 2560x1440.

    I also use a lot of techy terms without a thorough understanding so I'll just share that tidbit too.

    Hopefully someone has an answer!

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