RTX 3080 bad artifact and crashes

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Kanuki, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Death_LV

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    ASUS RTX 3080 TUF
    i have asus tuf 3080 gaming oc,playing games 2 days with no crashes or other problems,overclocking card +70 core +500 memory and all good.
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  2. Digilator

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    Sapphire 5700XT
    Your card is said to be very well built. Also, the new driver may have eliminated/lessened the issue...
  3. goon blob

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    Zotac AMP Holo 3080
    I have the exact same issue with my zotac 3080 AMP Holo and my C9 55 Oled!

    I have found a temporary fix by disabling windows Fastboot in classic control panel it will boot first go

    Hoping Zotac releases a new vbios for the card as im sure not many ppl have an oled and 3080 atm, but would be interesting to see if cards from other vendors have the same issue

    Edit: this is for the boot to windows with a black screen the lockups i am not experiencing
  4. cucaulay malkin

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    GTX1070 STRIX
    weird as hell

    but I'd rather have hags and -50MHz

  5. Kanuki

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    RTX 3080 10GB
    Yup.. Disable fast boot solved initial boot with no display output too. But I had another problem that if I restart PC then it will boot to no display output. I had to shutdown and re-power on again to get the display output.

    v94. solved my restart no display output problem but it's belong to Trinity OC and fast boot problem still presist.
  6. Archvile82

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    EVGA 3080 FTW U
    I got an evga ftw3 ultra and i get the signal loss or split screen on reboot half the time. I have to disable then re-enable Instant Game Response on the C9. Personally I think its the TV firmware that has bugs in the latest version as it has effected my bluray input where the TV takes ages to complete HDCP handshake and display a picture. Probably due to lack of testing and getting a firmware out to fix initial issues with the 3000 series cards and hdmi 2.1.

    Tried the usual supposed fixes :-
    1. unplug the tv for x minutes
    2. re-connect hdmi devices - this seem to initally fix issues with the 3080 but problems came back
    3. disable live services & OCF connection on the TV - this seems to have helped reduce random red line flicker and made instant game response more reliable
    4. tried different hdmi cables - Zeskit 3m cable fixed my black screens with settings - 10bit, 444, 4k @ 120hz with g-sync enabled

    I have raised the issue with LG, whether they fix it or not i have no idea, a bit frustrating to be honest.
  7. hamltnblue

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    RTX 3090
    Another thing that should be checked when having issues is the power plug arrangement.
    If you have two 8 pin connectors you should use 2 separate cables, not 2 plugs on the same cable.
    If you have three connectors add the 3rd cable.
    Connecting two connectors from the same cable results in all power being forced through a single plug and wires on the power supply end.
    I posted another separate thread on this as well.
    good Luck

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