RTX 2060 Super Gaming X coil whine

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by TheMexican, Oct 25, 2020.

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    Is it possible for a GPU to make two different kinds of coil whine sounds? I get the typical high pitched coil whine if I'm playing a game with unlocked FPS but this one is different. The game is RDR2 and I am using Adaptive/Prefer maximum performance mode because it prevents FPS drops, but this causes the GPU (or PSU, I have no idea because they are near each other) to emit a buzzing sound even with VSYNC ON. I thought that with VSync on, doing something like configuring a game in the NVCP to use Prefer maximum performance would only make the fans spin harder, but this is not caused by the fans.
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    You can try to use different PCI-E connector from the PSU, not much else can be done here I'm afraid.
    Try to play with undervolt / voltage curve in MSI Afterburner, perhaps voltage on GPU is too high while it's not needed to be.

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