RTSSPush: send gpu usage data to RTSS

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    well i was bored and made a little program that sends gpu usage data to RTSS. And yes i know EP and AB already monitor gpu usage. I just wanted a little program that sends gpu usage data to RTSS without using AB or EP.
    It supports both AMD and NVIDIA usages. I'm not that good at c++ or programming for that matter. I just wanted to share what my little program. I also used a bit of code from the RTSS SDK. all you have to have running is RTSS and then run RTSSPush. it can be downloaded from sourceforge. the source code is there as well. i don't really know about the rules with links on this forum but hopefully i dont get punished to badly if i'm not suppose to post outside links. Also you can modify the source to send whatever information/text you want for just for the luls. Thank you Unwinder for such beautiful software.

    RTSSPush at sourceforge.

    also i don't know if there is an official place to download RTSS only but the one off hwinfo's website does the job. RTSS at hwinfo.com

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