RTSS Shared Memory C# wrapper profile editing bug.

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    Edit: Found out the cause, I wasn't freeing memory on a string used in the profile property changing method. Freeing the memory fixed the problem. Rookie noob programmer mistake heh.

    I'm working with a modified RTSS Shared Memory wrapper for C# and encountering a strange bug.

    I modified the wrapper to allow me to edit profiles.

    While I'm able to change profile properties after any property has been changed a second time the overlay shows up on other graphical windows that are not set up to be hooked in RTSS.

    Changing a single profile property causes no issues. However when I change a property again for some reason the overlay shows up on other windows.

    I'm at a loss for what is causing this and how to even debug it, any help greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Removing the LoadProfile method stops the bug from happening, is there any reason why loading a profile is causing this issue?
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