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    Don't know if it is possible in game detection code, but it would be handy to specify game profiles by more attributes in addition to just the executable name - like full or partial path to the executable, executable size, date or something like that to differentiate between them. Some games use the same executable name (i.e. xrEngine.exe in Stalker CS and Stalker CoP) and it is impossible to create different RTSS profiles in this case. I am currently using bat scripting with *.cfg profiles copying before executing these games, because even changing the executable name is not possible (game engine would not start). I think that better profile detection would be more elegant than my solution.

    And for the opposite side - grouping more game profiles into one section with specific RTSS settings would be also handy. One group of games would use one specific settings, another group other settings etc, instead of creating the same profile for multiple individual games.

    Please consider these only as development tips, I do not demand anything... :)

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