RTSS limiting FPS of a game will also cause global typing lag

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    Hi guys, this seems to be a bug of RTSS (7.1.0 version)? I used RTSS for the sole purpose of limiting FPS of GTA5.exe that I would be running in the background for AFK purpose. So I would normally want to keep it at 5-10FPS for less heat generated from my GPU and CPU.

    But I reckon from repeated testing, it's so obvious that when I set it to 60FPS, the typing in either chrome search bar, window explorer search, or just googling type box, is smooth like nothing have happened.

    But when I set the game to 10FPS, I couldn't possibly use typing across any application because the character would be popping out in slow-mo. Like the typing has its own FPS and is somehow affected by the limiting FPS of GTA5.exe

    Has anyone encountered this? This bug is so weird.
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