RTSS how to toggle between 2 frame rate limiters

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    I have 2 monitors, both with Gsync with different refresh rates and I want to be able to swap the FPS limit with a hotkey. In the development thread they told me I do that with the hotkey handler but I don't know how. Is there someone that can explain that to me? Also, where can I recommend for a relative to current main monitor Frame Rate limiter as a feature request? I use Monitor Profile Switcher to swap monitor layouts and settings.
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    Search is your friend. Simple attempt to perform a search for HotkeyHandler keyword could give you answers, including this video:

    Zero chances, sorry. I don't find useful and worth investing development time
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    In RTSS, click on the blue Setup button

    Go to the Plugins tab
    make sure the check-mark for HotkeyHandler has a bold black border, light grey border is not active!
    double click HotkeyHandler

    the last four hotkey options under "Profiles" are to be used
    click on the three dot button of one of them
    select the preset Set 60 FPS framerate limit and modify the value to your needs, I recommend to modify description accordingly, hit OK
    back in the HotkeyHandler properties window click in the text field right to the three dot button and perform your hotkey (combination) you want to set it to
    repeat with the next entry for another framerate limit
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