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    Hello guys,

    RTSS has the FCAT feature and is displaying colorbars, but it lacks one feature I'd like to make use of.

    I remember FCAT in 2013/2014 had a feature that you could run using "-tricolor" parameter. Running FCAT overlay with this parameter was resulting in drawing white and black bars on consequent frames and a single red bar when there was left mouse button clicked.

    I was planning on using that feature once in a while to determine how long does it take from my left click to actually display that frame on a screen. Could you please add this in any future version of RTSS?

    I am by no means a software developer and I have no idea how time consuming is that, but I hope it's doable in a reasonable time frame for a skilled developer. Therefore I kindly request that option.

    Have a good day!

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