RTSS & CoD MW fps cap issues

Discussion in 'General Software and Applications' started by Len W, Nov 11, 2019 at 1:32 AM.

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    Hi all, I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue I have when capping fps in CoD MW using RTSS. I can cap the game at 60fps using RTSS and it's smooth, but when I try to cap above that, I get what looks like stuttering or frame skipping that gets progressively worse the higher I cap it. It's exceptionally bad at 75fps, this is all while my frame time graph in MSI Afterburner is rock solid. I can cap it using the in-game limiter at 75fps and it's smooth, but my frame time isn't quite as consistent as with RTSS.

    Has anyone else has this experience or could provide some information on settings I could change that might help? I haven't had this issue in any other game so far. I've already tried all combinations of v-sync, g-sync and NULL on or off with the same results.

    Here's a link to a video demostrating my problem. I start with a 60fps cap in RTSS, followed by a 75fps cap, then a 75fps cap using the in-game limiter:

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