RT RC15.2 Softmod

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RT RC15.2 Softmod success

  1. Yes, 16 pipelines and 6vp ON and working :D

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  2. Yes, 16 pipelines and 5vp

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  3. Yes, 12 pipelines and 6vp

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  4. No :(

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  1. S_Kinton

    S_Kinton Ancient Guru

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    512mb 8800GT & 22" Samsung LCD
    YEAH BABY:D :D :D Just got everything to work with this new rivatuner 16x1 6vp now. It gave me a very nice boost in 3d mark, especially in the fill rate tests.

    I cant oc past 400/900 now, whereas i could clock upto 440/950 before, but even with the lower clocks my scores are alot higher.

    Gonna have a go on my mates Galaxy 6800nu at the weekend to see what i can do!!
  2. M!ke

    M!ke Guest

    @ all leadtek users

    put an 80mm case fan on the backsided heatsink of the card blowing the backsided ram. use fan screws and put them to half into the fan, so theres a little bit space between fan and card. then simply put it on the heatsink. i did this since winfast 250 (geforce 4 4400) and reached a higher ram clock than 4600s. may u can get some more mhz out of the 6800 memory.

    hope u can understand my suggestion, my english is pretty bad ;)
  3. Subtestube

    Subtestube Member Guru

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    Gigabyte GV-N68128DH 6800 NU
    Aight - My Gigabyte 6800 works with 16pp 6vp no probs. After 3dMark03, RTHDRIBL, 3dMark05, Doom 3 and Far Cry, no artifacts seem evident.

    Masked units were pixel unit 0 & vertex unit 3.
  4. evert.999

    evert.999 Active Member

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    vga 512kb
    why not making a picture? :)

  5. Johan007

    Johan007 Guest

    Sorry to sound offensive but many are talking bullsh*t. 3D Mark is not an effective test because it contains too many low level tests that with extra pipes or overclocking can boost the average frame rate huge amounts, but if you record the lowest FPS (that’s the most important factor!) you will see only 2 to 3% increase in speed from the extra pipes and less than 1% to -1% from the shader under the test with AA and AF and big explosions. If you must run 3D Mark force AA and AF on.
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  6. Subtestube

    Subtestube Member Guru

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    Gigabyte GV-N68128DH 6800 NU
    The reason people are using 3dMark (at least, for me) is because the Pixel shader test is very vulnerable to artifacts. I imagine the VS test is vulnerable to vertex shader probs as well. When you're enabling potentially damaged pipes, surely testing for artifacts is a pretty useful thing to do? Meh... I don't even like the bench that much.

    As for performance increases - it's definitely noticeable, if not enormously significant. Personally I'm planning to deactivate them - at least until others have had 'em running for a few weeks without problems. I'm so CPU bound in most cases it makes very little difference to me.
  7. daripa

    daripa Guest

    Hi, my first post here, but im reading this forum since 1,5 years.

    Again godlike work Unwinder. Thx for all your work in past.

    Both work with no Artefacts, but one thing is crazy...my 3D Temp. goes down after unlocking.

    Temp Desktop (2D): 51°C
    Temp 3D (before): 54°C
    Temp 3D (after): 49°C

    (FW 66.31)

    3DMark2K5 before: 2107
    3DMark2K5 after: 2912 (+38%)

    And it looks like that the 6th Vertex pipe makes much more power than the 4 added pipes:

    test results (rounded):

    Fillrate Tester
    Display adapter: MSI MS-StarForce GeForce 6800 (NVIDIA GeForce 6800)
    Display mode: 1152x864 A8R8G8B8 100Hz
    Z-Buffer format: D24S8

    FFP - Pure fillrate - 3187M pixels/sec
    FFP - Z pixel rate - 3187M pixels/sec
    FFP - Single texture - 3187M pixels/sec
    FFP - Dual texture - 1593M pixels/sec
    FFP - Triple texture - 1062M pixels/sec
    FFP - Quad texture - 796M pixels/sec

    PS 1.1 - Simple - 1061M pixels/sec
    PS 1.4 - Simple - 1592M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Simple - 1592M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Simple - 1062M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Longer - 796M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer - 796M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Longer 4 Registers - 796M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer 4 Registers - 796M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Per Pixel Lighting - 265M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Per Pixel Lighting - 398M pixels/sec

    With 16Pipes
    FFP - Pure fillrate - 3179.027832M pixels/sec
    FFP - Z pixel rate - 3185.545166M pixels/sec
    FFP - Single texture - 3166.240723M pixels/sec
    FFP - Dual texture - 1582.920410M pixels/sec
    FFP - Triple texture - 1064.319092M pixels/sec
    FFP - Quad texture - 1067.990479M pixels/sec

    PS 1.1 - Simple - 1592.484863M pixels/sec
    PS 1.4 - Simple - 1592.394409M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Simple - 1592.406372M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Simple - 1599.184326M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Longer - 1065.768433M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer - 1070.051636M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Longer 4 Registers - 1056.495239M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer 4 Registers - 1061.541138M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Per Pixel Lighting - 324.593811M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Per Pixel Lighting - 529.763184M pixels/sec

    FFP - Pure fillrate - 4928.967285M pixels/sec
    FFP - Z pixel rate - 9581.671875M pixels/sec
    FFP - Single texture - 3632.858643M pixels/sec
    FFP - Dual texture - 2269.995117M pixels/sec
    FFP - Triple texture - 1545.162231M pixels/sec

    FFP - Quad texture - 1172.091919M pixels/sec

    PS 1.1 - Simple - 2531.550293M pixels/sec
    PS 1.4 - Simple - 2534.752686M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Simple - 2529.669434M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Simple - 2526.531006M pixels/sec

    PS 2.0 - Longer - 1274.553833M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer - 1265.664185M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Longer 4 Registers - 1274.897095M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Longer 4 Registers - 1288.778320M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 - Per Pixel Lighting - 366.108063M pixels/sec
    PS 2.0 PP - Per Pixel Lighting - 559.947815M pixels/sec
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  8. Flown

    Flown New Member

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    Leadtek A400 TDH (6800NU)
    i mean it's an 33% increase of the pixel-pipelines, not performance
  9. mavericko

    mavericko Member

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    Ati 128
    Re: Special Thanks to Unwinder

    Good work mate.:D
    Unwinder deserves it :D
  10. Dutch Guy

    Dutch Guy Member

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    XFX 7800GT @ 480/1180Mhz
    Yeah, my load temp also went to 66C after softmodding, before the softmod it was 71C

    Is there an explanation for this as it should be the opposite, shouldn't it?

  11. Shadow Talyn

    Shadow Talyn Guest

    BFG6800OC 128mb

    Pixel 3 Disabled
    Vertex 2 Disabled

    Enabled both sucessfully at 16x6v

    No Artifacts noticed in 3dmark05 or with City of Heroes.

    3dMark05 (1024x768 - No AA No AF, default settings all tests)
    Premod - 2900
    Post - 3196

    Increase = 296 points :)
    Temperatures appear stable between 50-70c
  12. Beren

    Beren Guest

    Pixel bit 1 masked - succesfully unlocked

    Vertex bit 11 masked - succesfully unlocked

    14,3 % performance boost in 3DMark 2005 with default settings (except - CPU test tuned off, features test - turned on)

    hardware - Alabtron Trinity GF6800 - succesfull overclock, before and after unlocking, 365/820 (from 325/700), ForceWare 61.77
  13. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel Active Member

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    Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti OC
  14. JulienD

    JulienD Member

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    eVGA 6800NU
    eVGA 6800 NU. 16/6 all working artifact free. Kept my overclock and no negative effects! Will edit with the details of which PU and VS were disabled when i get back home tonight.

  15. Burnt_Ram

    Burnt_Ram Ancient Guru

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    Zotac GTX 1050 Ti
    funny you mention that. my temps also went down with same oc as before. from 55c down to 49c. weird eh

  16. M!ke

    M!ke Guest

    aight, i made some pics today of my gfx cooling construction ;)

    here u go


    this is very very effective for memory OCing ;)
  17. FoGBaV

    FoGBaV Member

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    Gainward 6800LE
    Can one of the gurus here confirm this strange behavior with the Temperature ?

    I have tested it now many times ... overclocking from 300 to 350 is decreasing my temp from 61 Degrees to 50 Degrees !

    In 3D the same strange thing ....

    What the .... is that ?

    My Bios is not flashed (org Gainward LE 6800 128 DDR)
  18. schriss

    schriss Member

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    7800GT (MSI NX7800GT-VT2D256E)
    Here is my Leadtek A400, easily reaching 420/950 :D
    notice the four screws mentioned by M!ke. I chose not to use them as I already have a 80mm fan blowing on the back of the card, as you can see on the pic

    P.S. Pixel unit 1 broken (works but artefacts). Vertex unit 3 appears to work, gave about 150 increase in total 3DM2005 score.
  19. M!ke

    M!ke Guest

    yeah thats a solution too, but i think its not that effective, cos the cables behind the fan don't let the air "through" 100% and the way from the upper point of the fan to the rear end of the heatsink seems to be quite too long. if you have enough time try my solution, maybe you can crack the 1ghz ;)
  20. HitMaker

    HitMaker Member

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    HIS HD2900XT 512MB
    ASUS GE V9999, mod 100% :D

    So, every GE V9999 is softmoddeable, should we talk to it as a GT card?? ;) or not yet? :p


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