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    So I have Wrt54gs V7 but this is running a DD-Wrt Firmware and I have ran into an issue. Cable modem connected directly to a PC results in 59mbps But behind the router no wired connection get more then 40mbps.

    Most Wifi get around 10-18mbps which fine with as most wifi devices are strickly phones so there reduced speed is not an issue.

    Its the fact Wired lines are geting 40mbps when the modem connected directly to pc clearly give 59mbps.

    Im not getting much help on DD-WRT forms they say it not the firmware, but 3 diffrent versions of the firmware have diffrent wired speeds. 40mbps 34mbps and one does 5mbps wired and wireless.

    I tired my Even older Linksys router that was wired only and that router was only capable of 5mbps. Im thinking of getting a Netgear N900 seeing I cant use my netgear dgnd 3300 v2.

    I tracked part of the problem to the QOS service on the router turn off and limiting QOS to wan dos seem to increase wired speeds but there not even close the 59 direct connect to modem gets

    would a new router fix the issue of my speed droping from 59mbps Direct to pc and behind router 40mbps wired only? seeing I paying for 50mbps and getting 59mbps I would like for atlest my wired pc's to get full speed. wifi is a not much an issue so long as there 10mbps or faster connections which they are.
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