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    WAS an HD6950
    Hey folks .. I downloaded,4.html in an attempt to upgrade the bios in my lovely XFX HD6950 that was running soo well. Like everyone else I attempted to flash it to upgrade to an HD6970. This program said to leave the bios switch in position 2! After 3 unsuccessful attempts in bios position 1 using ATI WinFlash on its own, I decided to look here and follow the advice in this program. I did exactly as was instructed to flash the bios and a windows popped up saying post rom failure, but the command line window said the flash was successful! When I rebooted, Ive got no post now in position 2, or 1. For gods sake man, why would anyone recommend position 2 to flash these cards?? I was at my wits end trying anything, but I always had a videocard to work with when the flash didnt work. But this program on its wonderful advice took care of that. Please get rid of that damn program!:mad:
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    hd 6870
    first rule is Never flash more than 1 vbios on a card with 2 vbioses, kind of defeats the purpose of the feature.
    Im assume you tried flashing on windows 10 or 8.1, using tools from 2010..

    Highly recommend against flashing inside windows using old tools like that, should probably stick to dos.

    that said ive used atiflash v2.74 (year ~2016)with my 6870 on win10 , and it works ok.

    In order to recover the card, you will likely have to do a blind flash, or install another graphics card along side the dead one to boot into dos and try to flash from there.

    here is a link to instruction on how to do a dos flash,

    edit: also for your consideration, buying a vagely newer used video card, is probably the better path.
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