Rocket Lake at 5.5 GHz could be Intels answer against the Ryzen 9 5950X

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 16, 2020.

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    IPC = Instructions Per Clock

    If it needs to be clocked with a thermal exchange chiller to get to clocks that MIGHT make it faster (something like almost 1GHz above the 5950x for multi-threaded loads, then it actually has lower IPC.

    Also 35-50% IPC is like two generations worth of error margin right there. Where did you get these numbers?

    The Intel board of Directors would like to know your location
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    Let's say it's a 15% IPC increase, along with a 5% increase in clocks - that will net a very nice increase in gaming performance (yes, that is all i care about).
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    Cinebench 20 is obsolete. The new standard is Cinebench 23 !!! If you get your OCed CPU through CB23 (at least for 10min.), then you will raise the bar......but only then........
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    If Intel manages that they will bring parity in gaming IPC and have clock advantage again so they will be ahead by some. Ofc then we will just wait for new Zen to see what AMD delivers.

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    and this is why I wasn't as impressed with Ryzen 5k than I could have been.
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    The only downside i see in Ryzen 5000 is the price, other than that i´m having a very hard time finding weak points.
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    Isn't rocket lake a backported design from 10nm to 14nm due to production issues? I would be surprised if Intel managed any real improvement this gen due to such design constraints.
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    649 - 5950x now ... 655 - new intel chip on a chiller in 4~5 months!...
    656 - 5950x with curve optimizer installed today.
    7xx - Derbauer with the intel chiller hooked to an AMD CPU.
    Go back in your hole intel. No thanks! I dealt with enough BS on Z97 with not-enough PCI-E lanes and no CPU upgrades available besides BROADWELL (although last-level L4 Cache was neat). I dealt with that super-duper hot 4790k, that couldn't hold stock clocks on a stock cooler without hitting 100C in a matter of SECONDS. I had to delid it. I had to liquid metal it. I had to buy a 100$ air cooler, just to get it to run STOCK speeds and then get it to all-core at it's advertised single-core turbo speed. FORGET overclocking, that system was the biggest waste of money. For all I spent I could have gone X99 or X79 and gotten more cores and hence better performance, I was *steamed* with that build. After that debacle, no more overclocking computers. Just buy a better CPU and run it stock for that price. It does no one any good if it goes a little bit faster just to crash or bake me out of the room it's in.

    If I have to worry about water, condensation, liquid of any kind, no thank-you. This is a production machine, not a Cattlefield, Call of Doodey, Couch-Fort Nite or CS Go machine.

    Those waiting on that Alder Lake or whatever's coming on the new intel process node about a year from now, needn't wait. With every intel node-shrink comes a strong regression (to the tune of at-least 10~15%) on clock speeds. So real-world gains MIGHT be 10%, MIGHT be 15%, once that loss in clock speed will take into account (this is for end of 2021 release, not the March release).

    My 3950x does just dandy and I rarely ever hear the tower unless I'm using a game like BeamNG Drive that uses all the cores it has for physics. The 3700x was whisper quiet and I never heard the thing, except the GPU slightly, under full load. All air cooling - Set it and forget it - just clean it a few times a year. No worries if something uses AVX or to worry about the temps. No adjusting overclocks here and there when you update drivers if something gets unstable. No wondering if something crashes if it's an instability in that overclock.
    Just do what you need to and GET IT DONE. Just the way I like it. When I sit down and am healthy enough to work and have a clear mind, I want to get it done while I am able. When I want to game, well it can do that, too. There's nothing this cannot run on air cooling at stock settings. That's the way it should be.

    Sure, overclocking was fun back in the days where you could make your Pentium E5200 Wolfdale core go from 2.x ghz to 4.0 ~ 4.2ghz (or D-stepping 920, or C2Q G0 Slacr). That made a world of difference. Almost double if you were good. Heck I took an e5200 on a 25$ Zalman orb cooler on a Foxconn X48 board to over 4ghz and the review sites couldn't even overclock with that board due to the goofy BIOS, but I did. 70$ motherboard (on sale!, was 150$ before sale), Zalman cooler I got free, and the E5200 was 50~80$ or so at the time, something like that, around the Nehelam's release.
    That was a GOOD DEAL, I couldn't really shake/throw a bone at that. I couldn't really have done BETTER for that price. It was a bargain system that ran ANY game and did it WELL. I had a custom written computation tester that could give you the true speed of your core for a normally-10 second operation, and it was right up there with an overclocked D0 at the same speed or same 1366 Xeon.

    Those days are gone, though (too many hardware locks, and chips are released closer to limits now, with auto-boosting doing most of the dirty work), and going through all the motions (unless you seriously get a thrill out of it yet) for all the money you spend, often just isn't worth it. Especially not worth it when you could move up to the next platform or buy a better / more powerful CPU with all the money you stick into overclocking this, or cooling that. Maybe I got too old for it (I'll be 40 in about a year), or maybe I lost my edge. I just want to sit down and have a good time in a game or do my productivity work on here. It doesn't have to be the fastest PC out there. It doesn't have to be the flashiest thing out there (actually the disco lights get annoying especially at night). It just needs to do what I ask of it, when I ask it to, with minimal fuss. Using the computer - even for work - shouldn't feel like work any more than it has to. For those that find fun in overclocking, well, do enjoy yourselves while there still is the means to do so (I don't see it going away any time soon, though the usefulness and definitely the practicality is questionable sometimes). That said, it's still somewhat interesting to watch a professional overclock the top-tier chips just to see how fast it will go, how hot it will get, and how many hamburgers it can fry simultaneously.

    This was not an attempt at any rate to attack, annoy, disgruntle, or upset anyone in any shape or form. If it upset you, sorry, but that was NOT the attention.

    If you want to put all those 8, 12, or 16 cores to use, in a driving simulator; come check out my city map mod Los Injurus for BeamNG Drive, on the BeamNG web site. The following link is considered SAFE FOR WORK, as is the site, generally speaking (user contributions are just that and hence may vary).
    This game is awesome, do check it out. It even has pianos you can clobber.

    --The Bob.
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    Not even remotely the point of my reply
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    Fingers x! 5.5ghz was my aim before retiring my current cpu. Heat + pricing really what matters now. (cant see the fps being any lower than zen3)((my luck with water cooling pumps was terrible, every time they failed was out of warranty)).

  11. rflair

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    10w at idle, did you watch the video you posted? Running PubG the TEC is pulling between 80-120w at 5.3GHz, that's just dumb.
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    ROFL, its the Pentium 3-4 era all over again.

    Screw you Intel.
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    Christ that's not a little dangerous?
  14. sykozis

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    I'm going for CB25.... CB23 just isn't enough for me....

    As long as you make sure the chiller is properly attached and turned on before you press the power button, you should be just fine....
  15. Lily GFX

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    Of course I did.
    Even thou it can pull so much at load on a overclocked 10900 it is still great
    cooling and scales too with load/heat. Not like before when it pulled same
    power all the time. So I still would like to see a Cryo AIO made for AMD CPUs.

    Because for me temps are more important than how much power it draws,
    currently my 3900X is second hottest hardware in my case even with a
    Corsair 360 AIO and cooling it down like that with a Cryo AIO would mean
    much better temps and better boost clocks in general.

    Of course I would love to try it and I am sure I am not the only one,
    but that is just what I think and people are free to disagree. :)

  16. Fox2232

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    This cooling eats 10W or more to move 10W of energy.
    So, cooling your OCed 160W CPU will need maybe 180~200W.
    That's if your OCed CPU eats just 160W. Then you feed traditional liquid cooling behind it.
    Basically, you can run normal cooling and have bit smaller OC. Or you can make CPU and its cooling to eat 2.5 times as much energy for another 5% OC.

    There is no Win in such scenario.
  17. kapu

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    Yes it is , new arch at old process , also max 8 core (due to high tdp and 14nm limits). They might be good gaming chips but will lose bad to Ryzen at multitasking.
  18. Lily GFX

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    Actually I do not OC my 3900X at all, but I might try the Curve Optimizer on the
    5900X to try bump it up a notch to around 5.0GHz when I get it. Still waiting for it. :oops:
    Currently I only have memory at 3733 CL16 that might push up temps a little on CPU.

    Anyhow my current case have the AIO on top because of no room if front.
    GPU is air cooled so the AIO radiator also gets the hot air from it at the moment.

    I am looking for a new case currently thou so I can have it infront instead,
    and I think a Cryo AIO should help lowering temps on load when I do
    without increasing GPU temps to much. So I am looking to decrease temps
    in general, and I do not like cold temps in my work room that is usualy from 25 to 27C.
    I do not want a large custom AIO that is difficult to move around when I am cleaning
    there so I am really curious about the Cryo AIO that is all.:)
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    Intel has become a meme now.

    How terrible is their 10nm process? Where did all the money go? Where did all the talent go? It's a revolving door there.
  20. mackintosh

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    What I don't get is why they're doing this in the first place. Is the "gaming king" crown that important from a marketing standpoint? Rocket Lake still isn't going to outpace Ryzen 3 in productivity and multi-threading, and the lesser chips in that line will at best get close to AMD's weaker offerings - so what's the point. Why not just focus on Adler Lake and overtake AMD then. Unless they literally have nothing to counter with, which is just something I find hard to believe.
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