Robert Reed's BC2 Needs your Help

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    Since the recent change to the PlayNow function in BC2 (not feeding HC servers), we're finding it hard to populate our server:

    Location: NYC

    : I.P: Port: 10003


    Rules: No Tkin'g , not Glitching, no Hacking, otherwise Anything goes.

    If you looking for hassle free gaming without the whiners getting their way, then we're the place for you. If your looking to boost your K/D by not Attacking during Rush mode and "Camping" we're the place you want to be. Looking to get that elusive badge and want to sit on the TOW missle the whole game, no one's gong to bitch at you. Other then complete tomfoolery that is a deterement to your own team (driving tanks out of bounds, destroying your own equipment on the ground etc etc), we don't care what you do.

    If your doing it to the enemy it's not against any rules. Raping, camping, base raping, spawn killing. What ever horrible name it's been given by some, it's only what we just consider game play, and completely allowed.

    Help us keep Hardcore mode and true hardcore gaming alive (HC, FF=on, Minimap=off, minimap spotting= off, 3rd Person veiw = off,Killcam = off).

    Sorry for the "spam" but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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