Rivatuner OC value preset intervals?

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    xfx gtx 260 naddu
    Before i installed Win7 I had Vista64 with RT2.24c, and my GTX260 could put in a ton of values, with relative freedom. Now the shader and core values on the silder move freely, but when i apply them, they will only be applied if they fit some kind of numbering scheme. As in, I could put in 738/1481/1251 before, and now when i apply that setting, GPUz reports 729/1458/1251. I cant get any other values lower than that until 702/1404/1251, and if i try to go higher, the driver stops responding. This must be because its trying to set my core to over 755, and the shader over 1500.

    Why is it forcing these ratios and settings on me, when i could put in a far wider range of values before?
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    MSI GTX 1080X
    Search, it's been asked many times. Hint: 27 MHz (clock generator)

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