Rivatuner not working!!

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    I've tried a lot of different drivers. Rivatuner always tells me that the driver isn't supported. I detect and then move the core clock slider until the mhz is up to spec. I click apply. I click on disk icon to save profile. Click okay. No message to restart. Open Rivatuner up again. Saved profile shows default under clocked settings. Rivatuner will not adjust my clock settings for my 8600m GS. I have an HP dv9700t laptop. At the moment I have modded 173.80 drivers installed. These drivers are for desktop adapters but I've also tried the 16x.xx drivers that are made of laptops and the ones made for desktops. I'm getting the drivers from laptop2govideo.com. Does anyone know what I need to do to get Rivatuner to adjust my clock settings. Oh, I also tried to force the driver version to 17380.

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