RivaTuner isn't working well

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) Forum' started by Seifer44, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Nvidia 9800 GTX+
    Sometimes I can get RivaTuner to take control of my fanspeed for my graphics card, but most of the time it's not doing anything. I've currently got a 9800 GTX+ with 190.38 drivers installed. I did the fix in this thread in the Power User tab, but every time I close the program, the checkmark next to the ForceDriverVersion value goes away. The 18585 value is still there, but the checkmark keeps going away.

    At first I thought that this program wasn't working well with Windows 7 RC 7100, but I know it's compatible with vista, so I'm not really sure what to do. My fan continues to run at 35% regardless of my scheduled settings. I even went as far as going into the program's folder and allowing my user full reading and writing capabilities in that folder, hoping that it just wasn't saving, but that didn't do any good, either.

    Is this program conflicting with Speedfan? Whether Speedfan is running or not, it doesn't change my fan duty cycle. Besides, I don't think it should be conflicting with Speedfan, since the program is only detecting the fan that's on my processor anyways.

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