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    SLI (EVGA/Leadtek) 8600GT
    I am trying to setup 2 fan profiles with launcher shortcuts for each one. Each one is set to a specific card in SLI.

    Launcher 1: Set Fan profile on GPU1
    Launcher 2: Set Fan profile on GPU2

    However, the launcher only seems to work with whatever card is selected in the "main" tab. If it is set to GPU1, GPU2's profile throws this error:

    "Fan profile is no longer valid or it is corrupted. Do you want to edit menu item and browse for another profile now?"

    The converse is also true. I.e:

    IF In main tab GPU1 is selected
    THEN GPU1 Profile works AND GPU2 Profile does not work

    IF In main tab GPU2 is selected
    THEN GPU2 Profile works AND GPU1 Profile does not work

    Is there any possible way to fix this? I did some research and found THIS LINK to a thread regarding the two cards in SLI (which is how I knew how to set each fan profile.) However, this does not work when trying to launch these from the "Launcher" tab. (I have each "Launcher" set to a shortcut, and have each shortcut run on a Windows Task on Login - With "run with highest privileges" set on the task, I can load both profiles on Login without a UAC warning. At least I want it to run both at Login. One of the two always fail...)

    Thanks a bunch in advance for your help!

    EDIT - Before you ask, I did in fact set the "Associated display adapter" on the "Regular menu item editor" in association with each Launcher item to the correct adapter. However, this still does not work - even with the app closed, the only one of the two shortcuts to work is the one associate with the last selected adapter in "Main" when the program is shut down! Weird...

    EDIT 2 - Although I am still curious about this, and an answer may help others with this problem, I decided to try the newer AfterBurner software. (From what I understand, it is based on RivaTuner and even has the same developers.) I found that I was able to do everything in this program (!!!) It even loads the profile in both cards and automatically utilizes the Task Manager on Log-on set to highest privileges (thus avoiding UAC!) Good stuff!
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