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    POV 8800 gts 512 650/1625/1950
    Well hi everyone i'm new to this forum but something is bothering me. i'm new to overclocking had some help from a friend of mine to get my quad clocked to 3.00 ghz want to take it further but i need to first read up on voltages and i'd want to take the ram a little further as well. But i'm really interested in getting my new 8800 gts g92 version produce a little more juice than it is doing at the moment.

    Temps are fine at the moment have the fan running at 56% idle(42-45c) and it's soft on the ears. on load i think it's doing 55-60c maybe less this is something i need to check before hand.

    But i've downloaded the rivatuner 2.08 i've read people using the 2.06 and changing a line in the .cfg but this latest one should have everything right?
    it knows the card is there but the tutorials i've seen arnt matching up with what i'm doing. I've seen the old gts tutorial and they have a little test button down the bottom which surly is better than just applying it.

    i've tried once and it buggered up my drivers so i had to re-install them. REALLY wanna get some more power out of this can anyone help!?

    all advice appreciated

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