RivaTuner 2.0 RC4

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    New release candidiate will be published soon!<br>
    Revision history:<br>
    Version 2.0 Release Candidate 4:<br>
    Minor bugfixes:<br>
    · Fixed default value and validation method for PCI texture heap size for Detonator 3.xx and higher<br>
    · Disabled “OpenGL hardware acceleration mode” option for TNT boards<br>
    What’s new:<br>
    · Changed motherboard chipset detection routines. Now RivaTuner does not use PCI BIOS and detects motherboard chipset via direct IO <br>
    · Added motherboard chipset detection for Windows 2000 via BBD Soft unified IO driver<br>
    · Added AGP diagnostics for both Windows 9x and Windows 2000. Now RivaTuner can detect and show current AGP transfer rate, AGP SBA and AGP FW modes<br>
    · Added “Open matched detonator database” button in built-in registry editor. Now RivaTuner can detect driver version and automatically open matched Detonator database<br>
    · Added automatic preset creation wizard. RivaTuner can detect current driver version, find the most matched Detonator Database and automatically create preset from it<br>
    · Lowered memory consumption. Almost all graphics had been moved from execuable file to external resource storage file<br>
    · Added databases for Detonator 5.22, 5.30, 5.32, 7.5x, 11.00 (Windows 9x only) and 11.01<br>
    · Databases for Detonator 10.40, 10.50, 10.70 and 10.80 had been replaced with single Detonator 10.xx database because all these drivers use the same registry entries<br>
    · FAQ added <br>

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