RivaTuner 2.0 RC15.3 is on the way :)

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    I'm glad to say that RC15.3 development has been finished and closed beta testing has been started today. Public release is scheduled on 29th-30th of December. Changes list:

    Version 2.0 Release Candidate 15.3 New Year edition:

    Minor bugfixes:

    - Fixed performance table entry size calculation for BIT-based NVIDIA VGA BIOS images. Now the second performance level's parameters are no longer displayed incorrectly on some GeForce 6800 boards having more than 1 performance level in VGA BIOS (e.g. Gainward 6800GT).
    - Fixed title detection for ATI ATOM VGA BIOS images.
    - NVStrap driver's "Graphics processor identification" / "Quadro" mode and "Allow enabling hardware masked units" option no longer conflict when they are activated simultaneously.
    - "Cannot reset R/O attribute of destination file" message is no longer displayed when patch script engine creates new destination file instead of overwriting source file.

    What's new:

    - Added ForceWare 67.xx - 7x.xx driver families support.
    - Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare driver families. Added databases for ForceWare 66.93, 67.02, 67.03, 70.41, 70.90 and 71.20 drivers.
    - To avoid confusing beginners, which often tend to ignore built-in context help, low-level overclocking tab is now hidden on GeForce FX and newer display adapters.
    - Removed obsolete "Depth buffering" tab in Direct3D tweaks dialog for the ForceWare 65.xx and newer drivers.
    - DirectX7/DirectX8 texture formats options in "Textures" tab / Direct3D tweaks dialog are renamed to DirectX7 and DirectX8+ surface formats.
    - Revised list of available surface formats for new drivers in "Textures" tab / Direct3D tweaks dialog. Added options for controlling new surface formats (e.g. FOURCC ATI2 (3Dc)), removed some obsolette texture formats (e.g. FOURCC NVT0...NVT5).
    - Added full NVIDIA NV41 and NV44 graphics processors support. Now all RivaTuner's features including full low-level diagnostic and low-level pipeline configuration override via the NVStrap driver are available on these graphics processors. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with GeForce 6200 with TurboCache 16M/32M.
    - Added experimental NV46 and NV47 graphics processors support.
    - Updated NVStrap driver v1.7 gives you more new exclusive features:
    - New pixel / vertex units masking technique support. Now the driver is able to enable hardware masked pixel / vertex units on new generation GeForce 6800 (LE) boards (e.g. new Dell 6800 GTO), which use redesigned hardware units masking technique aimed to block softmodding ability of the previous NVStrap version.
    - Full NV44 support. Now all the features of the NVStrap driver including pixel / vertex units control are available on GeForce 6200 with TurboCache. Take a not that unlike the rest NV4x graphics processors using quad-based pipeline masking approach, NV44 use dyad-based masking, so the driver allows you to alter active pixel pipelines count with 2-pipeline granularity.
    - Added "Use ROM straps for PCI DeviceID programming option" for GeForce FX and newer display adapters. This option enables alternate PCI DeviceID programming technique for new graphics processor and fully eliminates the need of installing NVStrap antiprotection patch script. It is strongly recommended to use this option when selecting non-default graphics adapter identification mode in the driver's properties.
    - Added "Unlock professional capabilities" option for GeForce 6x00 display adapters. You may use this option in conjunction with Quadro PCI DeviceID forced via "Graphics adapter identification" option to turn any GeForce 6x00 into its full professional analogue. Thanks to NVIDIA for making old mistake again and using clone GPUs on both gaming and professional display adapters.
    - Extended GeForce to Quadro PCI DeviceID mapping lookup table for NV40 and NV43 graphics processors (for AGP models only). Now all NV40 / NV43 based display adapters are converted to Quadro FX 4000 / Quadro FX 540 when automatic Quadro PCI DeviceID programming mode is used.
    - Improved graphics subsystem diagnostic report module:
    - Added Overdrive levels decoding to "ATI VGA BIOS information" diagnostic report category for ATI ATOM BIOS images. Now RivaTuner may display amount of Overdrive levels stored in VGA BIOS, core / memory clocks and temperature ranges for each Overdrive level.
    - Changed memory bus type detection ideology for some NVIDIA GPU families. RivaTuner no longer detects memory bus type only for GPU families, having display adapter models with different memory bus type in sale (i.e. NV5, NV1x, NV31, NV34 and NV36). Now memory controller configuration based bus type detection is performed for all GPU families to allow detecting underground assembled display adapters with out-of-specs memory bus type.
    - Added "IDirect3D8 HAL adapter formats" and "IDirect3D9 HAL adapter formats" diagnostic report categories. allowing dumping the list of D3DFMT_... surface formats, supported by Direct3D8 / Direct3D9 drivers and allowed usages for each supported format. The list of probed formats is user extendable and can be easily extended by end user via editing RivaTuner.cfg file. By default the list includes general D3DFMT_... texture and depth buffer formats and NVIDIA specific FOURCC formats.
    - Improved low-level hardware monitoring module:
    - Added non-standard "1.1V + 0.2V / 0.3V loop" VID interpretator for ASUS V9999GT display adapters. Take a note that this interpretator cannot be selected automatically due to bug in ASUS V9999GT VGA BIOS, so "Core VID" hardware monitoring must be set up manually in order to get correct VID to voltage mapping. Please refer to FAQ for details.
    - Improved patch script engine:
    - Added patch script variables and patch script preprocessing plugins support. This allows patch script developers to create external plugin modules, which can change contents of patch script source and destination chains. Due to these changes, plugin description format has been slightly changed, and the scripts created for the previous version are not compatible with new version.
    - Added an ability of automatic patch script execution via the command line (/a or /auto command line switch). In automatic execution mode patch script is installed silently and no messages are displayed in case of successful installation. This feature is very handy for automatic installation of runtime patch scripts (e.g. ATIOverclockingAntiprotection runtime) at Windows startup.
    - Added NV40BIOSHwUnitsMaskEliminator patch script, allowing you to remove hardware units mask initialization code from VGA BIOS initialization script. You may use this patch script to finalize pipeline configuration set by the NVStrap driver. The script uses preprocessing plugin feature, introduced in this version, which allows the script to eliminate masking either for all pixel / vertex units or only for units, enabled via the NVStrap driver. Please refer to FAQ for details.
    - Added filename resolving for RivaTuner's files launched via the command line. Now relative file paths (e.g. ".\PatchScripts\ATI\ATIOverclockingAntiprotection\ATIOverclockingAntiprotection runtime w2k.rts") can be specified in the command line when launching the file.
    - Added ATI Catalyst driver version detection. Now RivaTuner displays driver family name, the list of installed driver files, file descriptions and versions in the main tab on supported ATI display adapters (for Windows 2000 / XP only).
    - Database of supported ATI / NVIDIA drivers is now user extendable and stored in [DriverFamily_...] and [DriverFiles_...] sections of RivaTuner.cfg file.
    - Added X800SE support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with X800SE.
    - Added ATI R430 and R480 graphics processors support. Now all RivaTuner's low-level features including overclocking, thermal monitoring and fan control are available on display adapters based upon these graphics processors. Thanks toAndrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with R430 and R480.
    - Updated Catalyst 4.11, 4.12 beta and 4.12 certified SoftR9x00, ATIOverclockingAntiprotection and ATIOverclockingAntiprotection runtime patch scripts.
    - New NSIS 2.02 based installer. Distributive size is decreased due to better compression ratio of new installation engine.
    - Easter eggs updates:
    - Added New Year present for ATI users, willing to convert RADEON X800 series display adapters to FireGL X3.
    - Added hidden NVIDIA VGA BIOS initialization scripts decompiler. This feature was used by us for a long time for adding a lot of NVIDIA VGA BIOS dependent things to RivaTuner. Now this handy thing is integrated directly in RivaTuner and can be used by power users to dump initialization scripts' pseudocode, script macroses, script conditions etc.

    Stay tuned ;)
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    Nice going Unwinder!!!

    GREAT, can't wait!!
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    5900XT to QuadroFX3000
    GOOD NEWS!! Thanks Unwinder !!
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    Unwinder, you rule! :thumbup: :bounce: :toke:

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    SAPHIRE Radeon HD 4870
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    Hey Unwinder.

    Is it possible to test the beta or somethlink like this? We got 8 or 9 6800LE VGA Cards from ASUS here and the 15.2 isnt able to unlock the pipelines... Please answer me - ICQ 305-304 or eMail spoRti32@t-online.de

    Maybe its possible that you get VGA models from me in the future for better testing.

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    Albatron 6800LE no strapping or OC
    What a guy!
  8. spoRti32

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    thanks a lot, i cant wait
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    Great, cant wait for it! :)

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    Sapphire 3850/512
    You are, "The Man." Thanks again and have a great holiday.
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    This is the best news today! Is it possible now to make the masked pipelines work hardware mode or still softmode? (dont flame me if i didnt read the text well)
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    Groovie, nice work Unwinder.
    If you were a girl id buy you dinner!
    Even if you weren't much of a looker.
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    Sporti: I'd recommend you remove your query about beta testing. RC 15.3 has completed Beta testing already, and there's no reason whatsoever to bother Unwinder with yet more requestis in this line. In any case, it's only 10 days until it comes out.

    Unwinder: Cheers - your work really is very much appreciated by the graphics community around and about. Fantastic effort.
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    I take it from the list that the constant GPU temp monitor and shutdown option will be added in the next version then, that's cool though, theres no rush, so no worries... :)

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    Unwider, good job once again...
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    Leadtek Geforce 6800nu 77.13 stock
    might this mean that those of us who have successfully modded our 6800nus but not gotten good results (atrifacts when pipelines were enabled, fine when vertex shader is enabled) might be able to successfully complet the mod (in my case, open those pipes)?
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    Not in this version, sorry.
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    Unwider thanks for this gift :)
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    Underwind... do you know if this version will work with SLI or not? The reason I ask is because my father purchased one of those SLI tumwater mobos. Of course he has too much money, but he wants to know if RT will allow him to unlock both of his Dell 6800 GTOs at the same time.

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