Rivatuner 12.1 + SoftR9700 released!

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 13, 2003.

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    Well there's a newsflash! Here's the problem: you didn't understand my original post because you don't speak ****ing English! :rolleyes:

    Before insulting intelligent people with terms like 'boy' & 'stupid', consider that MAYBE you just don't understand.


    Now I know that there are many people that harass you with nonsense problems, but this isn't one of them. Maybe I'll shoot a video and let you watch it with your own eyes.

    Does anyone here read these posts? You either don't read or don't understand. I've never seen such a mess of miscommunication in one place. Half of you guys are talking about something completely different than the rest of us are talking about. You guys read and write English on a 3rd grade level. :rolleyes:
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    hiya ther unwinder gr8 succes from me here but i do get errors in OGL and occassionally in D3D so when do you think that your universal driver will be available for d3d and ogl?


    also i cant do the ogl one cus i need more of guide how what i need to do in the registry! sorry i am a registry virgin/dumbass :( :rolleyes:
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    It is NOT misunderstanding.

    You may hedge as long as you wish. I didn't fabricated your 'partial patch installation' theory, it's your own words. And this is your words too:

    Discussion is closed. And I'm strictly recommend you to stop spamming, otherwise I'll just close this thread.
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    MSI GTX 1080X
    People.....listen up.

    Unwinders Rt proggy was furnished "AS IS" , use at your own risk.

    If he wants to listen, respond or ignore....that's his business.

    None of us have a dime in this proggy. The frustration comes when people ask the same questions over and over WITHOUT doing a search. 99% of people using RT don't understand how to use its full capabilities and refuse to read the context help or readme because thats too hard apparently? If there is spelling errors or unclear instruction in his proggy, Unwinder would be glad to fix them. It says that in the readme..just let him know. Also most people (including me) don't know half of what Unwinder knows about graphic cards.

    Getting rude with anyone will solve nothing. I remember this was a good (but slow posting) forum before the 9700 script came out. I bet Unwinder is sorry he even produced it !!

    So calm down and keep the dialog decent and ask Unwinder intelligent questions and he will most likely respond.

    Don't shoot the hand that feeds ya.


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    So ****ing close it you prick. Non-english speaking bitch--you don't even understand what the **** you're talking about. One day you'll find it and you suck my dick.
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    stevestrike, pls, stop trolling. if you have hatred for those with other native language then english, i'm sure you can start some new thread marking it's subject as offtopic and troll there till the end of universe. english is not native for me aswell, so what, should i enjoy your *offtopic* personal insults addressed to ones that actually do have a clue about what are they are posting at threads like this?
    P.S. Unwinder, great work, thnx .. r9500 128mb is rare here in .lv but nevertheless you helped lot of ppl i know of to get great price/performancy card ;>
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    don't close the thread... just ban the guy :cussing:

    some people were trying to have a racional discussion..
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    opengl benchmarks after using unwinder's HZ patch

    Hi every body. I never had any artifacts with soft9700. but I wanted to try the opengl patch from unwinder anyway to see if disabling HZ can really change the performance in opengl applications.
    Here are the results:(all tests at 1024x768, maximum quality settings, no AA or AF)

    1) vulpine Glmark:
    average frame rates before disabling HZ: 70.8
    after disablingHZ : 65.1

    Minimum fps before disabling HZ: 41
    after disabling HZ : 38

    maximum fps before disabling Hz: 168
    after disabling HZ : 168

    2)Gl excess benchmark scores:
    9500non-pro without soft9700------------>5846
    with soft9700---------------->8810
    soft9700+HZ disabled------>8598

    3)Return to castle wolfestein:
    All scores were identical regardless of HZ enabled or disabled.
    Except when you turn on AA and AF where disabling HZ reduces performance by 4-5 FPS.

    I am really surprised that disabling HZ in opengl does not make a huge difference. The bottom line is that unwinders patch is diffenetely disabling HZ or at least some of the bandwidth-saving tecniques if not all of them. Although I still believe if the "Hidden surface removal" was really disabled you should get a greater performance loss.

    So if you are experiencing artifacts due to disfunctional HZ, then this patch should defenitely at least reduce the artifacts if not eliminate them. And do not worry, it seems that you will not loose much performance in doom3.
  9. ]SKyRuNNeR[

    ]SKyRuNNeR[ Guest

    unwinder, please don't mind about people who can't appreciate the great work you are doing.
    I tried to use the database to solve the checkerboards problem in open gl games, and nothing changed. I' m not sure if i did it the way it is meant to be done, probably because of my bad english i didn't understand your explanation about how to use the database. It would be a great thing if you release a "special" version of softr9700 which automatically disables hz in both d3d and opengl. Thanks for yor reply
  10. juno53

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    Unwinder your patch for disabling hierarchicalZ in opengl works

    I was only able to disable hierZ in direct3d previously by editing the registry

    I first tried adding the encrypted registry entry myself but that didnt work so used rivatuner and it worked first go

    Now all my games are checkerboard free with 9500-9700softmod

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work even if some people dont appreciate it

  11. rane

    rane Guest

    UNWIDER i tried your hack, it would not save though, and it did nothing on removing the artifacts i have in open gl whatsoever, it also may be worth pointing out that Radeonator has all of the d3d and opengl heiracicalZ disableres/enablers built into it!
  12. Ioan

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    Checkerboard efect in 2D

    I have an 9500np 128MB Sapphire with 3.6ns Hynix. I did the 9700 softmod (Rivatuner Patch) with 6255&6275 drivers and unfortunately doesn't work for me. CheckerBoard efect in 3D and computer hangs in 3D in less than 30 second in Win2K and WinMe. With or without HyperZ disabled. Bad luck :(
    The question is:
    Does anyone have the checkerboard efect in 2D?
    For me appears in window bar and in other elements that have color change from one color to other (vignete).
    The original drivers (nonpatched) work fine (no problem in 2D and 3D).
    Does anyone know why appears the checkerboard on 2D.
    I am not a newbie, but this problem is beyond me.
  13. Unwinder

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    I'd like to mention again:

    Hierarchical Z will not cure artefacts for everybody, it will help you only if the artifacts are caused by defective HSR unit. If you've checkerboards in 2D, your system hangs after modding or disabling HSR doens't help you - your problems seems to be pipeline defect related.

    Providing option called 'Disable HierarchicalZ' and providing the real way of disabling HierarchicalZ is not the same ;)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2003
  14. Unwinder

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    Re: opengl benchmarks after using unwinder's HZ patch

    Guys, please don't mix HyperZ and HierarchicalZ terms. HyperZ is the codename for a set of Z-buffer bandwidth saving techniques and it includes Z-buffer compression technique, fast Z-buffer clear technique and HierarchicalZ technique. HierarchicalZ is responsible for hidden surface removal and only this technique is disabled at the driver level on R9500 (non-pro) boards. When you disable HyperZ you prevent the driver from using Z-buffer compression, fast Z-buffer clear and HierarchicalZ. The database I’ve created allows you to control HierarchicalZ only. Performance drop after disabling HierarchicalZ entirely depends on the application and if its 3D engine is coded properly (i.e. optimized for overdraw minimization) you won’t feel major difference when HierarchicalZ is disabled. However, if you’ll use synthetic benchmarks, dedicated special for estimating HSR efficiency (e.g VillageMark from Kyro or RightMark3D from RightMark gathering (it will be launched soon)) which render scenes with high overdraw ratio, the difference will be really huge.

    If you wish to experiment more with HyperZ in the OpenGL driver, you can use the following registry entries:

    GM5CbmWQ979v1R3MWQ – allows to disable HyperZ at all (results in disabling Z compression, fast Z clear and hierarchical Z). Set this entry to 0 to disable all Z-buffer bandwidth saving techniques. Default value is 1 (each of HyperZ components can be controlled independently).
    hiJZC8jAMroh0RMCad – allows to disable Z-buffer compression. Default value is 1 (enabled), set it to 0 to disable it.
    rf23twwl2ODyp – allows to disable fas Z clears. Default value is 1 (enabled), set it to 0 to disable it.

    If you are experienced user you can easily add these entries to registry manually or even update small database I’ve provided before. Otherwise just let me know and I’ll do it myself. ;)
  15. IVIGUY

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    Does anyone know if the Radeon 9500 is compatable with my configuration:

    Abit BX-133Raid Revision 1.0 (440BX chipset)
    512 MB PC133
    Harddrives hooked to the HighPoint Controller
    250W Power supply (tried a 300w with no luck)
    Windows XP Pro SP1
    Geforce3 (original board)
    Updated all chipset drivers etc..

    When I install the board and the drivers, it locks the system hard when it tries to do the initial system compatability test the first time it comes into windows.

    Is this a compatability issue or possibly a driver issue? At one point the error message I got was:

    ATI2DVAG Stop: 0x000000EA (0x82DEF020, 0x82B66C80, 0x82E47610, 0x00000003)

    Note, this board or drivers had not been hacked.


  16. ]SKyRuNNeR[

    ]SKyRuNNeR[ Guest

    i experienced some artifacts (not checkerboards) even on the desktop but only near icon's borders. Is it possible that winxp uses d3d to draw icons? Don't have any problems with any other 2d application including games.
  17. FinalFantasy

    FinalFantasy Guest

    Guys, Ati has asked sapphire to stop selling 9500np 128mb with the 9700PCB!!!!!!!

    That is really aweful. I hope they will not go beyond that and pay unwinder a lot of money to stop soft9700:mad:
  18. For those of you dudes having problems in 2D.. Try moving the hardware acceleration toggle 1 to the left - might help ya.

    For like a month or so, Sapphire has been manufacturing 9500's on the R9500PRO PCB.
  19. ]SKyRuNNeR[

    ]SKyRuNNeR[ Guest

    Re: Compatability??

    try to installa the card on another chipset
  20. Ioan

    Ioan Guest

    I don't understand why unlocking the aditional 4 pixel pipelines corupts the 2d display.
    Does win2k or winme use 3d engine to display some elements on desktop?
    Does the ati drivers use the pixel pipeline to display 2D, like the videoshader?

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