Riva tuner , whats a good start point ?

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    Hellooo chaps

    New to the forum and I am learning something new everyday .

    I have just built the following rigg

    E6600 Conroe @ 2.9 Dtek fusion W/B
    Evga 680I P28 bios
    4Gb of OCZ Plat rev 2
    BFG 8800GTX with a Danger Den w/b
    Laing 5 pump
    Danger Den black ice extreme Rad 120.2 with 4x120MM silent eagles in push and pull .

    Windows XP Pro 32Bit and dual boot Vista 64Bit Home Premium

    I have just started all this O/C malrky and I am happy with what I have achived so far . Yes i Know my conroe will pump a lot higher .

    However my 3D06 marks are only getting me 10,555 att the moment , i would love to see 12,000 .

    Now I am using Drivers 158.22 and have just downloaded Riva tuner . What would be a great place to start to get more points ?

    My temps on my card Idle at 41C


    Oh my rigg

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    driver settings-customize-system settings-overclock.

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