riva tuner and my card

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    riva tuner and newer cards

    edit: change info in tread to help people that dont know how get riva tuner working with new cards

    Open Rivatuner grapic subsystems diagnostics report...for example...the GTX 480 is listed as

    Device ID: 06c0 for the 480...you will have to determine what the device ID is for the 580

    Then in the rivas.cfg file add

    G200 = 06c0 (or device ID for 580)-6FFh
    line will read G200 = 06c0-6FFh

    In the {VEN_10DE) section add at the bottom

    Dev_06c0 = "Nvidia GeForce GTX580"

    Again...remember...at all times to replace the 06c0 with the actual device ID of the 580.
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