Review: T-Force Delta TUF Gaming RGB DDR4 3200 MHz

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Today, we have a kit of memory from Taiwan based firm Team Group to review. 16GB in 2x 8GB DIMMs, promising high-quality memory chips, good overclocking, and that good old 2018 trope, RGB. We'll be p...

    Review: T-Force Delta TUF Gaming RGB DDR4 3200 MHz
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    I don't mean to sound rude but does anyone care much about these memory reviews?
    Maybe I've missed something but memory these days doesn't seem to be much different from other memory, each seems to overclock differently based on luck and they just run at their rated speeds and that's it.

    If I'm missing something, then by all means, do point it out.
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    i think its a bit of both hilbert, amd greatly improved hynix compatibility and people cried way more than they should have, i mean i run my team group ddr4 3000 mhz 16-18-18 to 3200 --16-16-16-16 cr 1 on my 2700x and its hynir mfr, its fully stable as well
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    Just my 2 cents, I´m running the basically "same" model (?), but the delta 2 with white spreader. Could not be happier, ran out of the box at 3000Mhz just using the DOCP¨option in the bios (Asus strix X370 with the latest bios). Stable since the beginning, i had to try a lot more figuring out a good OC for the CPU than the RAM (as should be let´s be honest).

    Overall I like them simply because they are quite inexpensive even with all that bling bling nonsense on top of them. At the time I was checking prices in Amazon they were like 10-30 USD more expensive and in Newegg thet were the cheapest 3000Mhz RAM with RGB and white spreader, like.... yeah I'm gonna take them.

    I´m pretty sure nobody advocate in favor of RBG because it adds pretty much nothing of value to products in general, but I guess this is the new "white" version of hardware, when was really freaking hard to find white colored hardware.

    For me IF is cheaper than the non-rgb version or for very little extra i rather take the rgb simply because i can resell them at a lower loss in my country.
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