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Review: Samsung C32HG70 FreeSync 2 HDR monitor

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

    Hilbert Hagedoorn Don Vito Corleone Staff Member

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    No, 144 Hz is not tied to a brand for compatibility. If you want HDR & FreeSync though, this monitor is optimized for AMD Radeon.
  2. Venix

    Venix Master Guru

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    Palit 1060 6gb
    i use a 27 monitor and i love it although lately i really want a 34'' 21:9 monitor the 32 inch 21:9 monitor is the same height as the 27 witch is ideal for my preference just a bit added to the side ...but consider i do not own a tv at all so my computer also serves as a movie center too for me ... i think it is a bit justified :p

    also this is so true ignore the tittle of the video just watch it !
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  3. Chris1479

    Chris1479 New Member

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    gtx 1070 / 8gb
    Sounds nice enough but in all seriousness I bought three of these in a row and each of them were either 'actually defective' e.g a whole row of dead pixels appearing after a few hours usage or may as well have been defective with crazy purple colour shift and dirty screen effect. Samsung's QC has gone straight down the toilet. I got an AOC 1440p / 75 Hz / Freesync monitor for 150 euros on a flash deal and it's 95% as good and a quarter of the price. The 27" version of this Samsung monitor has even more QC issues than the 32" version. Just dig through the Amazon reviews and you'll get an idea of what the issues are. How there are so many glowing reviews out there on respectable websites I just don't know, fooled me though.
  4. Frances

    Frances Active Member

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    EVGA 980Ti
    Most men(and women) are happy with anything over 6".
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  5. slick3

    slick3 Ancient Guru

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    ROG STRIX GTX 1070
    I have a curved 27 inch monitor, I didn't notice the difference at first - but you will see it when you go back to regular flat monitors. The curve wasn't why I got the monitor, it was an affordable 144hz monitor and the curve was simply a bonus.

    The only difference I find however is I don't have to shift my eyes as much to look at the extremities. It feels more 'natural'.

    With that said, if there are 2 exact monitors - one being curved, and the other flat, with the curve being $100 or more, I would go for the cheaper one.

    GREGIX Master Guru

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    MSI 1080 /AMD v7
    "The Samsung C32HG70 claims a 1ms Motion Picture Response Time, and"

    But Hilbert...

    Did you test that settings in OSD, I mean faster/fastest, that enables blur reduction aka strobing? Because this is what enables 1ms MPRT. OFC, I bet it is less than 1ms in total, as I see wast difference between my sons qled samsung cfg27*** (FHD) something faster/fastest mode and my benqs Z2720XL benq blurr reduction. My TN is just better in it.

    And, he has Vega 64, but prefer use this blur reduction mode instead freesync. I guess my infuence..:p
  7. H83

    H83 Ancient Guru

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    Asus ROG Strix GTX1070
    I really considered buying this monitor but Samsung took a very long time to release and the price was too high for my taste so i´ve bought a LG screen with almost the same specs for 500€ and i´m really happy with it. It gets a little hot after intensive use and the single button to control everything is a little annoying but other than that the monitor is great. To bad the panel suffers from some bleeding in the left corners but that comes with the territory from what i understand...
  8. NvidiaFreak650

    NvidiaFreak650 Master Guru

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    Nvidia RTX 2080 FE
    @Hilbert Hagedoorn
    I own this monitor around two months now with the latest firmware 1019.1, do you see any ghosting when turning the camera around in a game that is cap at 60fps, example: MGS V because I do see ghosting only when a game is cap around 62fps or 60fps.
    also go to Radeon Setting, Display, Color and then change Color Temp from Auto to 6500K, the colors should pop now.

    Also note this monitor support 4K down sample to 1440p on console like PS4 Pro and Xbox X.
  9. NiColaoS

    NiColaoS Master Guru

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    1060 6GB Armor OC
    No Monitor is? Buy an expensive EIZO. I know it's so good that usually is for professionals, but imaging gaming, too. An EIZO over 2000 Euros could easily be perfect all-around. And please don't tell me ghosting and other such bs. EIZO knew, know and will know how to make perfect monitors. Just once had an EIZO and never wanted to leave it, but it was the era of relatively good flat screens and truly wanted to make the jump. If I decided to throw money on a good monitor, that would be an EIZO. I once ( recelntly ) found an CRT truly expecptional EIZO monitor for just 50 Euros. Couldn't believe it. But never buy things I would never use.

    Nothing would make me me happier, even if we're talking for an HDR, 60FPS, 10 bit EIZO with 1080p resolution ( 24" and 1440p 27" ).

    P.S. 1 Now truth to be told, don't know about Freesync or Gsync and whether they support 'em.

    P.S. 2 Take a look... 1300 Dollars for this piece of art 4k with 160+ pixel density, 10 bit LUT, IPS, 60FPS panel -if you got the money, go for it.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
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  10. drac

    drac Ancient Guru

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    Strix RTX2080 Ti OC
    Immediate buy if it was 4k. Could use G-sync too.

  11. ChisChas

    ChisChas Active Member

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    EVGA GTX 780 ACX x 2

    Dutch + Floor Jansen + Nightwish? Are you a fan of the wonderful Floor Jansen & the music of Nightwish btw?

    Another fantastic review involving a lot of work (and as you say monitors not your primary expertise so no doubt more effort is required). No gaming/productivity monitor is going to be 'perfect' for everyone, reading the many monitor threads on guru3d makes that quite clear but I agree that this monitor appears to offer a very good spec for the money, it's a shame if Amazon reviews confirm a poor QC by Samsung.

    Those who would prefer 4K + NVidia + 144Hz + HDR ++++, it will be literally years before this is affordable/doable for the vast majority of us, even to those of us who have the funds now but have decided (as I have) that I'm not willing to pay £1,500 for a monitor + £1,000 for an NVidia card. My Dell U2711 is now 8 years old, I must have been a 2K gaming pioneer but I didn't realise this at the time.
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  12. Silva

    Silva Master Guru

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    Asus RX560 4G
    I'm 178 cm tall and sit about 60 to 70 cm from the monitor.
    When I started to use a computer I had a 19'' CRT, then jumped to a 22'' TN, after that a 21.5 IPS and then I jumped to 24'' IPS. So I'm on my 4th monitor in 15 years.
    You guys made me laugh, thank you!
    And for the review, looks like an awesome monitor!
    There are options, just look for them.
    Also, you have many types of curves. The gentle ones might be actually great even if you don't like the idea.
    Best is to try it out on a shop.
    I found out the problems of a big monitor with my 24''. The edges are slightly washed out like you describe. A gentle curve fixes that, specially useful for beastly panels.

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